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Tuesday, September 8, 2020


Wednesday, September 9, 2020 – Astrotransits

Until now, I’ve tried to stay more or less strictly ‘astrological’ in my writing. However, as I see the way the energies develop within the human unconsciousness (the masses), I am called to step outside the astrology and become more personal.

I’ve been confined to my home for six and a half months by now, except for the times I go to the grocery store and my morning walk. I just listen to the news (I have no TV) enough to be informed of the most significant events. Most of the time I live in silence and study. I see the spiritual reality a lot better in silence.

Lately, I’ve been disturbed by nightmares and wake visions of serious calamities. I’ve seen people hurt, running, and crying. “Please help”, they scream. From what I’ve seen, I understood the urgency to speak up and tell you to please stop the violence.

Stop any negative, especially hateful thoughts, angry and inflammatory words, and violent behaviors. Divisive thoughts, words and actions as well as their positive counterparts, are energy. That energy ends up absorbed by the Earth. Mother Earth is saturated with that energetic pollution, with material pollution, water is saturated with chemical and material pollution, now the air is saturated with energetic and biological pollution. 
Haumea, Hawaiian Goddess of Creation and Regeneration of Nature

People need to urgently become aware that Earth is a living entity with every life and non-life on it. Humans are children, literally born from Earth, we are made of it. We eat from it, she becomes our bodies. We are not separate from Earth but one with her. Inasmuch as she is as alive as we are, she is as sick as we are. She’s claiming out loud to us to stop the violence of any kind.

You are NOT separate from the rest of people, humanity is one living organism. This is not about one country against another, one faction against another, one party against another, not even one color against another.

The violence that you inflict onto another human being, you are inflicting onto yourself. If you hate another human being, you are hating yourself!

Mother Earth says she cannot take any more violence pollution from us. She asks us to stop. She has endured more than enough ingratitude. Like a devoted benevolent Mother, she has given it all. In exchange we have destroyed it and continue to do so.

Countries need to stop wars NOW, groups of any kind, be it religious, political or other, need to stop violent conflict NOW. Individuals need to stop NOW fighting, hating each other, and even thinking against others.


In the spiritual perspective, the pandemic is a blessing for humanity, because it sends us back home, where we are forced to calm down. Mother sent us to ‘time out’. It forces us to isolate from others, decrease the conflicts. I know you are tired of the confinement. I understand because I am too. But remember how Nature became happy when we were in locked down just for a few weeks?

Maybe, if you disconnect from the outside world willingly, you come to understand the cosmic perspective. We are not alone in the Universe/Multiverse. We belong to a cosmic WHOLE that is governed by the law of harmony and balance. As a one body, whatever happens here on Earth, also affects the rest.

The isolation is also an opportunity to face our self-hate. What are the ways in which you are aggressive to yourself? Why do you make violence against yourself? It is imperative that we start the healing within in order to heal the outside situation. This is what Chiron in Aries encourages us to do: self-healing. Healing doesn’t come from destroying, but from creating.

How you can change the world? To make ourselves heard, protests should be pacific, silent and motionless. In order to reduce the pollution, we need to first stop our negative thoughts, then tap into the Love for Nature, Love for Life, then care for it. Purify your energy, and cleanse the space that surrounds you. This includes collecting all kinds of trash and disposing of it properly. I talk about physical tangible trash and spiritual energetic trash as well. 
Become mindful of what your money buys. Do you invest in peace, or in destruction?

Do you want to change the world? Change yourself first! (Start With the Man in the Mirror, Michael Jackson) Then make a plan on how to recreate the small world that surrounds you, where you live, your domain. Change your everyday life. Look for support from other people to carry your creative activities together.

Stop the destruction, start the reconstruction. START NOW, BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.

The Sun trine Jupiter today, gives us the meaningful inspiration to become creative. And Mars turning backwards, makes us reflect on our actions, restrain our activity and evaluate the status of things and how we do them. Mars in square to Saturn invites strategy, organization, planning, hard work and, most of all, patience. Saturn can make time work in our favor, so take the time for a deep introspection.

"Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one" John Lennon.

Sat Sangat Astrology ©️ 2020.

Monday, September 7, 2020

Virgo New Moon-September 17, 2020 Your New Creative Project

Virgo New Moon
Virgo, the Virgin, separating the wheat from the chaff

The Virgo New Moon happens at 25º♍️00’ on September 17, 2020 at 6 am CDT. It's exactly trine Saturn, but also in almost exact square to the Nodal Axis.

You have a new seed to plant now, but you oscillate and don’t know if you’d use the old and already discredited methods and beliefs of the previous centuries, or apply the new scientific findings and fact information in order to give it the best possibilities for growth and fruit production.

Since the Sun just had an ‘accord’ (trine) with Uranus in the Pisces Full Moon, you got the most advanced and innovative ways of doing things. Your inspiration is in tune with the future. Plus on September 14, your inspiration and vision (Sun) received (trine) the transformational empowerment of Pluto, and you got the appropriate engine to get going. I’d say, find and use the best and most inventive, futuristic, ingenious and clever method to plant your ‘seed’. Aim to the future (North Node in Gemini). Dare to face the scary unknown! There, you can find social interaction, cooperation and teamwork, lots of new data, probably lots of friends, neighbors just around the corner who are readily willing to support your project.

Because, Mercury, the ruler of this Moon and of the North Node, is in Libra, the sign of relationships, mutual exchange, equal give and take, fairness, equanimity. This New Moon talks about relating, building bridges with others in order to smooth over the rough spots in the conversation. This New Moon can be a reconciliatory new beginning. Even though, at first you may not see it that way. Mercury, being in the next sign of Libra, is like the Moon being the head and Mercury the shoulder. The head needs to make the effort, and turn sideways in order to see the shoulder, right? That is exactly what is required, turn sideways to look at things from a different viewpoint, another perspective.

This is even more emphasized because the ruler of Libra, and therefore the dispositor of Mercury here, Venus is on the other next-door Sign of Leo, conjunct Vesta. For this new beginning to take off successfully, we also need to turn the head (thinking) sideways to the other side. Are you dedicated to use your creative expression, or an artistic or performant way of showing up in the world stage? Can you focus and invest your energy in creating joy, happiness and play in order to create this new thing, this new start? Can you tap into your feminine inspiration and refinement with a dose of creative authority? You can use a pinch of romanticism and generosity as well in the mix, maybe including a loving person in your life to support you.

Coming back to Mercury for a moment, he is midway between MakeMake and Haumea.  Haumea is a newly discovered (Dec. 2004) dwarf planet in the farthest side of the Solar System after Neptune. About the size of Pluto, it's not less significant. It was named out of Haumea, the Hawaiian Goddess of fertility and childbirth; “a great creation Goddess and the ancestor of all indigenous Hawaiians who are descendants of the ancient civilization of Mu. Haumea had the power to change her form as her nature was constantly renewing; although she grew old, she was continually transformed into a young woman, representing the cycles of women’s lives.

Haumea, Hawaiian Goddess of Fertility

Each of her children emerged from a different part of her body, symbolizing a profoundly nourishing source of life.

Haumea is thought to inhabit the Makalei tree, a Tree of Life on the island of Oahu, whose mystical branches and deep roots yield infinite amounts of food.”

According to Henry Seltzer, Astrologers have not had enough time to study it in birth charts, but “It might develop that this planetary archetype comes to represent the power of life to triumph over adversity by drawing upon inner reserves of vigor and natural lore, the instinctual urge to survive at any cost. Where she is located in the chart will be a source of inner strength and protean flexibility.”

MakeMake, whose “name refers to the creation God of Easter Island, or Rapa Nui. It’s somewhat smaller than either Pluto or Eris,” with a 306-year orbit around the Sun, and was discovered in 2005.

MakeMake, Creation God of 
Rapa Nui

“As the creation god of Rapa Nui, MakeMake symbolizes a connection with environmental sagacity that is entirely appropriate for the troubled earth times surrounding its discovery. This is because Rapa Nui is known as a society that denuded their isolated island environment entirely of trees before Europeans discovered what became known as Easter Island. The myth involving this creation god includes a form of worship in which a Birdman was selected from tribal elders each year. Claimants would select a representative from the best of the young warriors, who would compete by climbing a large cliff and by swimming to a neighboring islet, a dangerous journey, wearing a headdress designed for the purpose of fetching the first bird egg of the season back with him to finish the race. Once his representative returned victorious, the selected Birdman would meditate in a hut for a year and bring the visions he encountered back to his culture. Taking this segment of ritual practice as an indication of this new planetary energy, we could speculate that the archetype associated with MakeMake involves delving down into the dark interior of the psyche in order to obtain a more passive and feminist form of received wisdom to be merged with the warrior male outer-oriented energy of the ego. This wisdom can only be found in the inner world, a world that is also represented by other astronomically similar bodies at the far edge of the Solar System. Where he is found in charts there can be found also the wisdom of the earth and the capacity for spiritual renewal.” (Henry Seltzer)

How I see Mercury sandwiched between MakeMake and Haumea is an alchemical process in your mind that, in these times of isolation and introspection, digs deep into the psyche and finds a renewed creative power. Once more, and similar to the Pisces Full Moon where the yin and yang energy were looking to rebalance, you will be given a blank page to write in it your project for your future life.

In addition, let’s not forget that Saturn adds his supportive, solid earthy, to give material form to your project. Saturn promises long lasting life, the tangible supplies, a rock-hard foundation, a constant pace of development, the ambition to achieve success. 

size comparison

The only challenge would be to get lost in delusional aspirations of unattainable dreams, the denial of reality and facts, conducive to self-deception that Neptune in Pisces may oppose to this new beginning (Neptune opposite the New Moon). Just beware of smoky promises, flying pigs, and castles in the air that are floating around in abundance these days.

The New Moon also quincunx the aggressive Aries energy of Mars and Eris, both retrograde and Lilith. Bottled anger, hate, and an impulsive fury may undermine your creativity. The best to use the high level of Arian energy is for taking the initiative, and get started with your project. Aries planets are the ignition, Capricorn planets are the stamina and endurance.

This Virgo New Moon chart is absolutely solid (10 points of Earth), very favorable for changes (6 of Cardinal) at the same time that provides a lot of room for adjustment, flexibility and adaptability (8 Mutable). Watch my youtube video on the Virgo New Moon and how it affects you personally according to your Rising Sign. 

I am optimistic! I think that this is a great opportunity for a great start. Since our previous physical reality has been demolished, we have no choice but to create a new one. Don’t you think that’s great!? You can use some Neptunian inspiration to imagine what you want the new reality to look like and plan for it! Here is a video of a man who had a vision into the entire Cosmos and saw the New Era that we are about to create. Francisco C. "Chico" Xavier, was a psychic ahead of his time. Very few people believed in what he had to say then (1910-2002). However, he left about 500 books for the posterity to know about his visions. Many of his predictions have already happened, but the most important is coming, and you and me may be the builders of it. 
You too can envision a world of peace and harmony!
We are the Cosmos. 

  • Time Passages chart, from AstroGraph by Henry Seltzer
  • Haumea and MakeMake by Henry Seltzer
  • NASA In Depth MakeMake and Haumea astronomy. Learn all facts and watch the planets’ rotation and play with their interactive model. Look underneath MakeMake for a cross!
  • Deadline, Chico Xavier

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NOTE: Planetary transits only affect you personally to the extent they contact your Natal or Progressed planets and points on your chart.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Pisces Full Moon - September 2020

Full Moon in Pisces

Demeter Mourning for her Daughter, Persephone - Evelyn de Morgan, 1906

This Full Moon in Pisces is becoming aware of what started with the New Moon in Leo, two weeks ago. Something that might have started as an optimistic leadership, a creative project, a joyful idea, or the need to show up in stage, has accomplished something that is in service of all. The self-consciousness (Leo) has integrated fully into the collective unconsciousness. You may have recognized that your exclusive identity is now dissolved in the ONENESS. You created your unique contribution to the WHOLE.

Since Neptune is this Full Moon ruler, her light is shed on Neptunian/Piscean themes, so let’s explore them.

Not only is Pisces the last step in the cosmic evolution, where everything ends, dissolves and merges with everything else, but having Neptune, its ruler transiting retrograde the second decan, marks also an additional process of ending a zodiac cycle. 

Neptune in Pisces is ending a 164-year cycle around the zodiac, dissolving everything that happened in between, from Aries to Pisces. Neptune is the ‘eraser’ planet. He creates chaos, disorder, disorganization. Wherever he transits, he leaves things topsy-turvy. We can expect these times to be like when you shuffle the deck of cards and gets it ready to start anew.

During the previous Neptune visit to Pisces (1847-1861), similar to today’s, there was the rising of the masses claiming their right to equally participate in society, to be recognized in an equal footing in regards to work rights and all civil rights.

The Communist League, considered the first Marxist political party, was established in June 1847 in London, England.

The “Communist Manifesto” was published in 1848 by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, establishing the social principles upon which many social reforms were based later.

In 1848, there were a series of general political upheavals starting in France and later spreading throughout Europe. They were significant Revolutions that made the traditional system collapse even though they did not entirely succeed. However, they were the foundation of ulterior socialist organizations and anarchist political groups, that were created when Neptune entered Aries.

This Full Moon sheds light on the common interests and rights of people. Since Neptune, her ruler, is retrograde, it may also contribute to the discovery of ultimate (universal) truths concerning the cosmos, the whole Earth, or any other whole collective issue, including possibly the pandemic.

Pisces and Virgo are the natural zodiac houses associated with health and healing, as well. Whereas boundless Pisces makes us vulnerable to disease (especially fungi, yeast, mold, candida, etc., but also bacteria and virus), Virgo looks for the information, the methods, the detox, the cleaning, disinfection, and purification necessary to heal.

TimePassages Chart by Astrograph

The Sun in Virgo opposite this all-encompassing and caring Full Moon conjunct Ceres, the nurturance principle, unite forces to emotionally respond to the pandemic by nurturing, caring, charitable service, meeting the health needs of all people. Ceres with the Moon is the energy of needing to be needed, and willing to emotionally engaged in nonprofit service, just because we care it.

Ceres was the ancient Goddess of the Earth who, mourning the loss of her daughter, conjured a never-ending Winter. It was only when Mercury, the messenger to the Gods, went down to the underworld and interceded before the Lord of the Underworld, Hades (Pluto) that Ceres daughter was liberated, and yet, only half of the year. This gave the Earth the opportunity to enjoy the four seasons in place of the continuous winter.

Since Mercury is in Virgo with the Sun, may this symbolize, his intercession also in this health crisis. Mercury is, in fact, in harmonious relation (trine) with Pluto in Capricorn, so we may expect that a very thorough research, detailed investigation, relentless scientific experimentation, will bring to the surface the necessary information (Mercury) to break through the barriers and come out with a solution.

Sebian Symbol for the 11th degree Pisces

"Man traveling a narrow path seeking illumination"

"The Path of Discipleship"

"Capacity to seek a transcendent realm of reality"

Negative traits of this Moon

Since Neptune squares (by Sign) with the Nodal Axis in Sagittarius and Gemini, we can’t avoid but also consider the negative traits of this Full Moon in Pisces.

The North Node in Gemini indicates our search for data, the pieces of information needed to support our decayed and dubious belief systems, signaled by the South Node in Sagittarius.

There is the possibility that we deceive ourselves or we are deceived by others in plain sight, under the Sun and Moon lights. We may believe in fantastic theories, or lend ear to confusing information, and even become delusional. People may try to escape giving way to extreme addictions of any kind. We may become more vulnerable to being duped, or getting sick. We may project onto others our insecurities, hopes, and imaginary secret enemies, and victimize others or fall victims ourselves.

Generally speaking, there may be a deep sense of loss, and a tendency to look back trying to recover the ‘lost paradise’. Like Ceres (Demeter) we may be mourning for it, but we are asked to let go of the past.

Unfortunately, we have to acknowledge the crude reality: There is no return ticket. There is no return. Humanity is now mourning in grief. This grief is a long process that will probably last around thirty years, until Saturn and Pluto join again. I know it is disturbing, but give yourself the time and space to grieve and mourn, cry, isolate, and be good to yourself. Find ways to give meaning to every moment of your life. Care for your loved ones, care for a pet, care for a plant, care for some kind of life, even if it is just your own life!

Much love, light and life to everyone. May all beings be well. Sat Nam.

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NOTE: Planetary transits only affect you personally to the extent they contact your Natal or Progressed planets and points on your chart.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

An afflicted Venus - Gate into September

An afflicted Venus

Statue of Aphrodite

Jupiter and Neptune

This last week of August, Venus indulges herself as she opposes Jupiter and trine Neptune. 

Desires are expanded without limits, and overindulgence in love, expenses, or social life may backfire. 
You feel that no pleasure is enough; you may ‘drown’ in food, drink, sex, beauty, music, art, anything that makes you relax, and even provides an escape. You may even ditch work, spiritual practice, and morality for a moment’s enjoyment, that will not really satisfy you in the end. 

Be careful spending more than you can afford because you may regret it later. Usually, what may happen is that another person encourages you to go overboard, so it’s important to exercise self-control and moderation if you want to come out of this one ‘uninjured’.

As August draws to a close, Venus is entering a very compromised position in the zodiac. She enters into a Grand Cardinal Square configuration. 


Not only does Venus opposes Pluto, but they do it EXACTLY at 22º ♑️46’, the exact degree and minute of the Saturn Pluto conjunction of January 12, 2020. Simply put, Venus and Pluto reactivate the issues that trigger the catastrophic developments of 2020.

Venus in Cancer is ruled by the Moon in Aquarius. This means that the values to hold are the people’s interest in the safety, protection, and security of families. Venus also represents resources, supplies, money, that we need and desire to sustain life (Taurus). She is also the love, self-esteem, and attraction we need to establish and maintain relationships (Libra), personal and social.

Changes issued of powerful forces of transmutation in society, government, institutions, and from those who own the world resources, operate a profound demolition and restructure of the social paradigm. Let’s not forget that Uranus in Taurus (ruled by Venus) is changing values regarding Nature, ecology, the environment, resources, food supply at the same time that changes personal and relationship values.

In opposition to Pluto, Venus is subject to power struggles from the powers that be, from another powerful person, entity or establishment that forces a profound transformation.

This may mean that food supply chains are disrupted due to the structural dismantling. It could mean that natural or human made atomic, radiation, chemical pollution damages the resources we need to survive.
In our present context, it could mean that the virus, since it was, after all, THE main issue related to the Saturn Pluto Conjunction of January 12, 2020, threatens to contaminate people massively, affecting the very fabric of society (Moon in Aquarius).

It could also represent a threat to the real estate value or the ability of the common folks to have a roof over their head.

They will certainly trigger financial upheavals related to taxes, insurance, stock market, and to the money available to the common people.

At a personal level, couples may suffer sexual difficulties, due to manipulation, jealousy, overpowering, submission by force, and violence.

There could be a tendency to trying to change others by relentless force, lack of kindness and consideration for their desires.

Saturn and Mars

TimePassages Chart by Astrograph

September 2, 2020, Venus opposite Saturn, applying to the waxing square to Mars.

This square is the crisis in action point, where action is unavoidable. Certain situation or event requires you to do something related to your desires, finances, resources, love, values.

The opposition to Saturn, indicates restructuring of finances, probable limited access to money, frustration in social life because of isolation, profound depression, delays in business, trade, work, economy. Time to tighten the belt. Resources may be scarce.

In relationships, you may feel unlovable, or unloved, rejected. You may experience separation from the object of your love or have a hard time satisfying your desires. Oppositions in general, are notices when other people, another person, or outside circumstances are against you. Someone may not give you what you want, or may ask you to fulfill your responsibility before giving you what you want. You may have low confidence in relationships and in social life, and feel isolated, lonely.

Juno & Haumea in Libra

Haumea is a newly discovered (Dec. 2004) dwarf planet in the farthest side of the Solar System after Neptune. About the size of Pluto, it's not less significant. It was name out of Haumea is the Hawaiian goddess of fertility and childbirth. 


“She gave birth to many children, and to all the island chiefs. She is a great creation Goddess and the ancestor of all indigenous Hawaiians who are descendants of the ancient civilization of Mu. Haumea is a crone archetype and is the elder in a trinity of Hawaiian Goddesses that includes Hina and Pele. Haumea had the power to change her form as her nature was constantly renewing; although she grew old, she was continually transformed into a young woman, representing the cycles of women’s lives.

Each of her children emerged from a different part of her body, symbolizing a profoundly nourishing source of life. Haumea also acts as a divine midwife to human mothers and taught women the mysteries of childbirth. Author Martha Beckworth, whose collection resides in a Hawaiian museum, suggests that the name Haumea actually comes from Hanaumea, which means ‘sacred birth’.

Haumea is thought to inhabit the Makalei tree, a Tree of Life on the island of Oahu, whose mystical branches and deep roots yield infinite amounts of food. Like a Cornucopia, the tree symbolically provides many staples to the Hawaiian people, such as coconut, bamboo, taro root, breadfruit and sugar cane. When the Goddess shakes a sacred branch of the miraculous Makalei tree over water, she attracts abundant fish.”

Venus square Haumea and the asteroid Juno indicate that the nature of our unbridled desires, our dealing with and wasting of the Earth resources are not respecting the capacity of Nature to regenerate, and perpetuate life on Earth. Our extreme consumerist attitude does not even consider the human ability to survive.

The Mars opposition to Juno and Haumea in Libra relates to conflicts in relationships, especially love relationships, but also conflict is social life, meaning relationships of any kind. The energy of Mars is lack of kindness, even gruesome aggressiveness, inconsideration, selfishness. May also indicate financial problems (Libra). In addition, it relates to lack of consideration and reverence for Nature, childbirth, the fertility and the bounty of the Earth, aggressive attitude against any kind of fairness, justice, logic, and measure in the use of Mother Earth’s resources.

Juno, Jupiter's Wife

Mars energy reflects a strong will in the search for independence, at ALL costs, without any sensitivity for others. His assertive actions are against all attempts of cooperation. Partnerships may suffer a power struggle for domination, and subjugation.

Mars is now so strong and close to Earth that his energy is incendiary. Difficult to contain raging fires exacerbate the violence against Mother Earth. Please be careful and conscious of your actions.

On their Capricorn side, the triple conjunction pushes for strong repressive measures, that block and controls any intention of soothing the situation with commitment, alliances, equanimity or fairness (Juno). The Establishment, the Old Patriarchal Paradigm grasps as much power and resources as possible in great detriment of the Earth ability to recover and regenerate (Haumea). For more on this, I refer you to my Mars in Aries Catalyst of Change article.
Nasa, The Dwarf Planet Haumea
Astrograph, TimePassages chart

Monday, July 27, 2020

Mars in Aries - Catalyst of Change

Six Months of Mars in Aries
Catalyst of Change

Charles Deas - Indian Warrior (public commons picture)

What does Mars represent?

Positive traits of Mars

Dynamic male (yang) energy, motivation, driving force, survival fire, initiative.

Correlates to birth, individuality, male hormones, muscles, sports, athletes, military, metals, hard work, heavy machinery, metallurgy, surgery, bladed weapons, surgery scalpel.

Constructive, courageous, enthusiastic, enterprising, gallant, defensive.

Negative  traits of Mars

Combative, bad tempered, destructive, passion, lust, impulsiveness, audacity, egotism, coarseness, conflicts, war, fights, battles, arguments, wars.

Correlates to the warrior, aggressor.

Aries is Mars home

Mars is very strong in Aries
Positive Aries: Spontaneous, confident, courageous, direct, energetic, leader, adventurous, dynamic, enterprising, determined, independent, pioneer, innovator.

Negative Aries: forceful, explosive, forthright, impatient, impulsive, insensitive, quick tempered, selfish, quarrelsome, frontal (ram).

The Sign of Capricorn

Saturn is very strong there because it is his home. Currently Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are retrograde in Capricorn.
Saturn ate his children to avoid being overcome by them, which is a symbol of becoming adult, stopping childish behavior and taking higher responsibilities. Chronos, god of time, maturity, ageing and death.

Capricorn gives form to reality, builds structures, creates systems. Ambitious, calculator, cold, steady, higher degree of permanence, steadiness, patience, great efforts, and endurance. Traditions, status quo, duty, persevering, conservative.

Correlates to industry, big infrastructure, protection, society’s conventions, boundaries, walls, regulations. Austerity, adversity, scarcity, efforts, reality check. 

Watch my youtube video Mars in Aries, Protagonist of the Second Half of 2020

Mars square Jupiter
Fugel - David and Goliath- public commons image
04 August 2020, 19º Jupiter Rx; square Lunar Eclipse Cancer 20º on January 10, 2020

19 October 2020, 19º Mars Rx, Jupiter Direct

23 January 2021, 8º♉️ to 8º ♒️ both direct

Mars is energy and Jupiter intensifies it. They create a great surge of energy that you probably already have been feeling, increase strength, powerful initiative, impulsive actions bigger than life. Ruthless assertion in all your activities. An internal fire difficult to contain, so use moderation and self-control in order to use this excess of energy.

Be careful with heavy machinery, cutting tools, bladed weapons or knives. Also careful exercising too much too forcefully, because you may injure yourself. For people who are normally very passive, this surge of energy can be productive because it motivates them to work harder and longer. Depending on where it falls in your chart, your body may generate excessive heat, or fevers, flare ups of muscle aches.

You feel courageous in certain area of your life. If you’re faced with animosity, arguments, or enemies, you may become aggressive, and even resource to violence. Be careful also, and adopt a defensive attitude instead to avoid accidents and fights.

This strong energy is optimistic and enthusiastic and may find you burning the candle at both ends, exhausting your physical capacity. Use it in moderation in order to endure to the end.

In the mundane context, the expansive use of controlling institutional structures may clash with individual interests and the urge to defend independence.

Mars square Pluto

13 August 2020, 23º11’,  with Eris Rx at 24♈️30’

9 October 2020, 22º ; Pluto Direct

20 December 2020, 24º; with Eris Rx at 23º29’;  Mars and Pluto direct
Also, Mars square the July 16, 2019 Lunar eclipse 24ºCapricorn 

Now, the energy is amped up a notch or two. Mars is the personal will power and Pluto is the creative/destructive power of the Universe. The aggressive Mars conjunct Eris, the Goddess of Discord, is manipulated, coerced, forcibly pushed to action by Pluto's powerful influence. At this time, the anger only sees black and white, all or nothing, life and death. People can easily get entangled into power struggles, be either a subject to domination, fall victims of institutional control, and authoritarian powers, or be the perpetrators of relentless violence or heinous crimes. There is no middle way possible with Pluto. Politics can become really nasty, and even extremely polarized, because Pluto operates on extremes. 
Pluto is also associated with abuse of power, in Capricorn, coming from government. In the mundane context, there could be terrorist attacks, violent crimes, or forceful use of military powers to repress people. Mars is aggression, and Pluto, the power to subdue it. Pluto archetype is also associated with atomic power, radioactive substances, radiation, and chemicals capable of powerful reactions. Let's hope that all atomic energy generators in the world are under proper supervision, and in good working order.

In your personal life, be aware of this incendiary force inside yourself in order to put it to constructive and productive activities, like working with heavy machinery, power tools, making transformative remodeling work, building new with old material, or using compost to enrich your garden. If you’re out and about, and not abiding by what is expected, by rules and regulations, or protesting to defend your right to exist and your independence, you may have an encounter with authority figures that will not be benevolent.

Mars square Saturn
'Hold your horses' - Taming a Stallion

24 August 2020, 26º
29 September 2020, 25º; also square the July 16, 2019 Lunar Eclipse 24º ; Mars conj Eris at 24º 27’ & Saturn is stationary direct.
13 January 2021, 3º♉️ to 3º ♒️

These two planets couldn't be more different. If Mars is impulsive energy, Saturn is passive and steady. If Mars is aggression, Saturn is resistance. If Mars is the initiator, Saturn maintains the status quo and the traditional ways of doing things. If Mars is desire, Saturn is restriction and delays in obtaining what is desired. If Mars is independent and spontaneous, Saturn is circumscription, circumspection, calculation and strategy. Mars gets easily angry and lets the fumes out, but Saturn gets depressed and hold grudges. Mars is energy, Saturn is inertia.

After the previous turmoil, now, come the restrictions. You have a hard time using the surging energy of Mars, your initiative is thwarted, your desires stifled. An authority figure, the societal structures, a political institution, your boss or your father will impose order, control and suppress your action. Your energy can be pent up in frustration. All activities have to wait for more favorable times, patience is required. But with the stimulus of Mars in Aries blocked by the intensity of Saturn stationary (Sep 29), it may mean that you’re boiling inside.

Once again, may I suggest the spiritual practices, meditation and probably a strong fitness program where you can spend all that energy in strenuous physical exercise, if at all possible. However, be careful exercising as well, because this kind of energy may result in bone fractures. You definitely will face delays in obtaining what you desire.

In the mundane context, this may mean that government structures, institutions, and authorities compel to order, repress uprisings, contain rebellious protests, arrest aggressive people. Any use of violence may be matched with extreme repression.

What does it all mean in the end?

Overall, Mars in Aries reclaims the autonomy of existence, a new birth, the right to be, and the spirit of independence. Mars in Aries is the fight against the domination and the power of Capricornian forces of society to subjugate, be it political, institutional, economic or government authorities.

During the last couple of years, with the Nodal Axis in Cancer and Capricorn, humanity has tried to re-balance the yin and yang energies. Women have been reclaiming their equal participation in the building of societal structures, institutional structures and in the decision making. The process was the checks and balances of a reality run only by the male archetype. The yin energy has reemerged reclaiming the lost emotional security (Cancer, home) as opposed to the material security (Capricorn, outside world).
However, some people are still attached with iron grip to the old ways of a yang predominant system, not able to recognize its natural decay. The next six months will make us realize that we have reached the point of no return. Never again will humanity go back to the old world order, because it has decomposed, rotten away and has given birth to a New Era. Humanity is now entering the Aquarian Age.

What does it mean for your Rising Sign?

Generally speaking, Mars square those three planets in Capricorn will be felt as challenging. However, you have to consider those planets' relationships in your birth chart to know exactly how the aspect will show up for you. Even though, it could be nice for you to have a hint about this influence, the following are not 'cookie cutter' predictions, but they are just some possibilities of the way it could manifest. If it doesn't resonate, it's not because the descriptions are wrong, but because each individual Birth Chart is as unique as the individual, and the whole chart should be considered before making any predictions. If you need to know more specific details, make sure you order a personal reading.

Aries ♈️
You will feel a surge of energy yourself, and may experience clashes with authorities in your job, with public service agents, law enforcement officers in public places or with father figures. Moderate your assertion and impetus. Avoid becoming angry or aggressive at all cost, because your partner and your family members or home life will suffer the consequences.

Libra ♎️
Your partner or other people you relate to may become very assertive, even aggressive affecting you directly and your public reputation. Your family members will be the ones blocking them in order to protect you. Avoid provoking your partner's anger because it may also affect your career and public image. 

Cancer ♋️
Your partner or other people you relate to may first quarrel with you, later try to restrict your movements, or may want to control you in some way. You may make a public decision about the relationship, like taking legal action, denounce them publicly, tell any authority figure, your boss or father about the aggression you're suffering. This ordeal will certainly affect you directly and your home life. Otherwise, you may spend a lot of energy in your career, and your partner may be adamant about not doing so and attempt to restrict your activity, generating your frustration and affecting your emotional wellbeing. 

Capricorn ♑️
There may be a lot of activity at home, repair work, or the need to move houses, and you will be the one managing and controlling all the developments, and taking the responsibility for your family and your partner. Conversely, you may be overwhelmed by the stress your family gives you, and try to control the home life in order to fulfill your career responsibilities. Whatever the developments are, your family life, your career and your partner will be affected.

Taurus ♉️
Your subconscious mind is fighting in your dreams against your old belief paradigm. Your old vision of the world has crumbled down and during your time of relaxation, you're trying to make sense of your internal battles. You may actively pursue spiritual practices or charitable work that contradicts the official belief system, and what the consensus spiritual teachers have taught you. Your battles take place in the most secret place of your being.

Scorpio ♏️
Conflicts in your daily life style, at your workplace, your employees (if any), and even your pets may be the 'warriors' that will challenge your mind processes, or your traditional ideas or way of thinking at this time. If you fight with your subordinates or with service personnel, you may have a mental breakdown. So, moderate your impulses. However, the transformation of your mindset, may help you initiate and work hard at eliminating open enemies, be it people or health related self sabotaging habits.

Leo ♌️
Mars is actively revolutionizing your belief system. You are convinced that you got the truth and are ready to fight to defend your vision of the world. You feel the impulse to run free now, but you're up against your open enemies, be it people who work for you, a work system or workplace that is being phased-out because it's a thing of the past. But also, what you have learned now is certainly contrary to your long standing stubborn health habits and the ways you take care of your body. You will be up against any daily habit or schedule you have that are dysfunctional and outdated. These habits too have to go. 

Aquarius ♒️
Mars will loosen your tongue. You'll be more confident conveying what you have to say. Your communications will be assertive, decisive, cutting with your truth. Your mind is fighting your longtime held karmic baggage. As you close up a 29 year cycle with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in your 12th house, you're getting ready to start anew, and your mind may be kicking and screaming about saying those goodbyes. You may have nightmares of demolitions and total dismantling of your old life. Hopefully, your way of thinking is now rejuvenated and energized to allow you making plans for the future, that starts just around the corner, in December. Holding on to the past will not make you any good. Move on!

Gemini ♊️
Mars is inspiring you to create new goals and dreams for the future, however, these are no longer compatible with the business associations you had until now. You may get to work hard to pay debts, or close a mortgage, or bank accounts. All the energetic merges you had have gone under, and you want to get free from them. The groups, alliances, and those friends with whom you share common interests are fighting against a deep transformative process, that will totally regenerate their nature. Apply your creative powers and you will succeed.

Sagittarius ♐️
Are your children already fighting for your money? Does your lover keep asking for your energy contribution or your resources? It's time to give them their independence so they become autonomous. They most probably already started fighting against the reality that your money chest is becoming depleted. You may be the one realizing where exactly are your finances, and activate your creative juices in order to generate your future income.

Virgo ♍️
Mars may create a significant upheaval, a crisis that will bring about a regeneration of sorts in the area of creativity. Your children or lover may undergo a profound transformation that may translate into some financial crisis for you, or requiring you to invest your resources or share your finances with them. Your intimate life may fire up, but your lover may not be available, or for some reason you are not able to be together.

Pisces ♓️
You have great activity involving your family, especially your family possessions, and own resources, either earning or spending them because of your children's or lover's demands. They may block your ability to dispose of your money, or compromise your earnings in some way. Try to find a balance between resources and the demands of children or of your lover. You will try to control your rowdy children, but use moderation in all your decisions.

Aspect Dates

Mars transits in Aries from June 27, 2020 to January 5, 2021

Retrograde from September 9 at 28º♈️08' to November 14, 2020 at 15º ♈️14'

In six months, Mars in Aries aspects six planets, three eclipse points, and also conjuncts Eris and squares the Saturn Pluto conjunction degree. 

June 27: Mars (0º Aries) square the June 21 Eclipse point (0º Cancer)

July 22: Mars (13º Aries) square the July 4º Eclipse point (13º Capricorn)

July 27: Mercury (16º Cancer) square Mars (16º Aries)

August 4: Mars (19º Aries) square Jupiter (Capricorn)

August 13: Mars (23º Aries) square Pluto

August 24: Mars (26º Aries) square Saturn

September 4: Venus (Cancer) square Mars (27º Aries)

September 9: Mars turns retrograde at 28º08' Aries

September 28: Venus (Leo) trine Mars (25º Aries)

September 29: Mars rx (25º Aries) square Saturn (Capricorn) & July 16, 2019 Lunar Eclipse in 24º Capricorn

October 9: Mars rx (22º Aries) square Pluto (Capricorn) & the Saturn Pluto conjunction January 12, 2020.

October 19: Mars rx (19º Aries) square Jupiter

November 9: Venus (Libra) opposite Mars (15º Aries)

December 23: Mars (23º Aries) square Pluto & the Saturn Pluto conjunction January 12, 2020.

January 13, 2021: Mars (3º Taurus) square Saturn (3º Aquarius)

January 23, 2021 : Mars (8º Taurus) square Jupiter (8º Aquarius)

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