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Jupiter in Pisces, and Conjunct Neptune

Jupiter enters Pisces May 13 - July 28, 2021 

and December 30, 2021 - December 21, 2022

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune – April 11, 2022

Jupiter comes back to Pisces every 12 years (2010, 1998, 1986, 1974, 1962, 1950-51, 1938-39). However, meeting Neptune in his own home only happens every 166 years. Jupiter conjoined Neptune in Pisces last time on March 16, 1856 at 18º12’. Every time, they do so with about 6-degree difference, so on April 11, 2022, they will meet at 23º58.

Jupiter (Zeus)

Astrologers often go back and research the historical events and developments of the time, and always find significant insights and relevant correlations with the planets in question. In my research for this conjunction in 1856, I found noteworthy details closely related to the themes of both, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. 

The Themes of Jupiter in Pisces


Jupiter in Pisces opens the access to spirituality through meditation and inner reflection, in direct contact with the spiritual realm. The individual exploration results in multiple access doors to perceiving, understanding and interpreting spirituality, as each may have his or her own experience. Then the spiritual awakening that Jupiter in Pisces stimulates has probably many faces, since each one of us perceives a different side of truth. In any case, Jupiter in Pisces gives wisdom through our intuition, and understanding comes in one complete piece.

When Jupiter conjoins Neptune, it’s a great time to go on a silent retreat, look for isolation to tap into other dimensions. The human mind may open even more to accept unexplainable ‘facts’ and events, and even increase the awareness of telepathy. You may attune to the collective unconscious, realizing things that you don’t know how you know. On the tangent, Jupiter in Pisces can also widely spread religious fanaticism, and some people may become adamant about their personal convictions to the point of shoving their beliefs down the throat of others.

Wikipedia lists 39 new religious organizations established in 1856, and states that there was a 

“‘Fourth Great Awakening’ to be likened to pentecost, the sixteenth-century reformation and the eighteenth-century awakening in colonial America. After the annus mirabilis each of the evangelical denominations could report huge accessions: of the largest bodies, the presbyterians (old and new schools) added almost thirty thousand members by examination, the major baptist churches baptised almost one hundred thousand new members, while the two main branches of methodism reported a staggering net increase of nearly one hundred and eighty thousand, a growth of sixteen per cent over the previous year.” 1


Jupiter in Pisces gives abundant inspiration, and a great ability to imagine better things. As an artist, you may discover yourself ‘downloading’ your piece of art all finished. A prolific imagination ensures abundance of film production, photography, make believe and virtual realities, and the promotion of the philosophy that stands for creating the life you want just with your imaginative mind.

Picture credit Katha

On the other hand, there could be extreme expressions of fantasy. Jupiter Neptune conjunction is very ungrounding. Where there were delusions, misleading, misconceptions, Jupiter can make for a Gargantuan deception (like the one started in Germany with Jupiter in Pisces in 1938-39) 2. People who are not able to handle this extreme ethereal energy may fall victim of escapism, or literal madness. However, the History of Art abounds of examples of genius seemingly mentally disturbed artists, like Paul Gauguin, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Vincent Van Gogh, to name just a few.


The expansion Jupiter adds to the Piscean energy sharing the field with its ruler, Neptune, is so intense that you feel a deep sense of emptiness, impossible to grasp reality and chaos. Boundaries are blurred or disappear, all kinds of walls fall down, including the personal protection provided by the aura (our bio-magnetic energy field). You may not realize where you begin and where you end, become everything and everybody, and have difficulty understanding reality, or finding what you thought reality was before. Other transiting planets provoking serious conflicts will contribute to the chaos, and people may not know what is what, who is who, where is here or there.

Similar to 1962, especially young people will protest wars with flowers and unconditional boundless love. This could be very destabilizing for individuals. Addicted and addictive people may fall deeper into their addictions unable to find a footing and trying to escape kaleidoscopic circumstances. Of course, Jupiter adds his overdose, spiritual and material. New and more potent psychedelics may appear in the ‘market’, increasing the statistics of death due to drug abuse. So, drug traffic will most probably see the day of legalization and become drug trade instead.


In addition to drugs for medical and entertainment consumption, Jupiter in Pisces promotes the creation, development, and production of substances, and gases for industrial applications. Neptune in Pisces is associated with chemistry, gases. When Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces with his expansive energy there is a higher risk of explosions, or the industrial widespread of some substance.

In 1856, Mauveine, the first synthetic organic dye, is discovered by William Henry Perkin (British chemist and entrepreneur), while attempting to synthesize quinine. Mauveine, also known as aniline purple and Perkin's mauve, was one of the first synthetic dyes. It was discovered serendipitously by William Henry Perkin in 1856 while he was attempting to create a cure for malaria. It is also among the first chemical dyes to have been mass-produced. This eventually leads to the birth of the chemical industry. 3

As discussed before (under Creativity) Pisces is the energy of illusions, imagination, fantasy, thus it gives the creative inspiration. It’s usually found strong in charts of musicians, artists, actors, and photographers.

In 1856, photography was being revolutionized by the invention of the collodion process, using new chemical substances. Theorized 1850 by Gustave Le Gray, it was invented in 1851 by Frederick Scott Archer. This new way of processing photos on the spot allowed to have in about fifteen minutes the ‘instant’ pictures of the time. 

“The wet collodion process was almost at once universally adopted because it rendered detail with great precision that rivaled that of the daguerreotype.” 4 In the following years, photographers and experimenters refined or varied the process, so by the end of the 1860s it had almost entirely replaced the daguerreotype photographic process with great success.

Health and Healthcare

Previous visits of Jupiter in Pisces have coincided with important events related to compassionate social service, widespread health issues (epidemics, pandemics), and healthcare.

During the AIDS era of the 80’s, “The U.S. Public Health Service adds HIV as a “dangerous contagious disease” to its immigration exclusion list and mandates testing for all visa applicants. The HIV ban will not be lifted until January 4, 2010” 6 (May 15, 1987 while Jupiter first quarter square to Neptune), which combines the global and travel implications related to Jupiter with the health concerns of Neptune). In 1986, the first anti-smoking ad saw the light of day.

In 2009, when Jupiter and Neptune conjoined in Aquarius, there was the H1N1 virus pandemic, and in the USA the revolutionary healthcare provision called Obamacare, which ended up benefitting only a selected (Aquarius) sector of society (i.e. with Internet access) and not the people who needed healthcare the most, the very poor and disadvantaged (which corresponds to Pisces). In fact, the most disadvantaged were left out of the “Obamacare” program. 

Click picture to see original interactive map

Both rulers of Pisces meeting in the Sign is a rare occurrence that only happens every 166 years. During their previous Pisces visit, in 1856, according to this health map, some diseases were imported into America from Europe (typhus) with immigrants, and others from Africa (leprosy) and especially from West Africa through the slave trade (yellow fever). Also, in the previous conjunction in Pisces, in 1690, “A massive outbreak of the measles epidemic occurred in Japan,” where the Jupiter Neptune conjunction fell in the country’s chart 6th house of health (April 3, 1457, 3:40 PM Jul.Cal.). 7

Due to the boundless expansion stimulated by Jupiter in Pisces in the presence of its modern ruler, Neptune, a surge of covid19’s variants is not discarded. Neptune dissolves energetic defenses, Jupiter is increasing the dissolution, and other symbols of Neptune, like contagion, germs kept alive in humidity, like mold, bacteria, yeast, and fungi. People will certainly be more susceptible to illnesses caused by those agents. The most effective way to protect oneself is to build and cleanse the human bioenergetic field (aura), and support the immune system (also represented by Pisces).


Some think that Jupiter and Neptune are only the energies of abundance, prosperity and compassionate love, however, there is plenty of evidence to the contrary. Historically, coinciding with their conjunction, squares and oppositions, there has been an increase in bombings during wars with the corollary of death and destruction, which affect geopolitics as well. In summary, Jupiter is not always the good luck, generous, “benefic” planet, but rather the expansive energy on anything he touches. Keep in mind that Jupiter can be destructive as well. In fact, Jupiter conjunct Neptune has been associated with xenophobia and cultural wars in the past.

In the USA history, 1856 was the year when the Seattle Governor Stevens had declared a "war of extermination" upon the indigenous peoples, as a corollary of the Manifest Destiny cultural belief popular in the 19th Century. 8 

Also, during that time, a mainly agricultural economy depended on the labor of enslaved people, therefore the Southern states viewed enslavement as essential to their very survival, which promoted and exacerbated the white supremacy ideology.

For nearly a century, the cultural difference between the people and politicians of the Northern and Southern states had been clashing over the issues that finally led to war: economic interests, cultural values, the power of the federal government to control the states, and, most importantly, slavery in American society. In 1856, USA Civil War was brewing with a variety of long-standing tensions and disagreements about American life and politics.9

Migrants of diverse cultures may flow through borders around the world, provoking, like in the 19th Century, a redistribution of populations, re-formation or the birth of new countries. As well as in the 19th Century, the world may see the declaration of independence of numerous countries, provinces, or regions. As usually, not without a bloodshed.

Commercialization of Addictive Substances

Pisces is the Sign of escapist behaviors, of the search for bliss and exploration of alternative realities through the use of chemical substances. Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces appears to correlate to the increase in the commercialization of drugs for human consumption, be it medicinal or recreational. Obviously, trade is significantly involved in the spread of drugs and increase of addictions. 

Bataille de Pa-li-kiao, Emile Bayard

During the second half of the 18th Century, Britain has established opium commerce, smuggling it into China. The China government was not only concerned by “the moral decay of the people, but also partly with the outflow of silver”. French and American merchants were also smuggling opium into China, which as always was very lucrative. However, their ambitions grew larger.10

The "Arrow War" refers to one of the British strategic objectives: legalizing the opium trade, expanding trade, opening all of China to British merchants, and exempting foreign imports from internal transit duties. […] The Opium Wars were two wars waged between Western powers and the Qing dynasty in the mid-19th century. 11 

"The First Opium War, fought in 1839–1842 between Great Britain and the Qing Dynasty, was triggered by the Qing’s crackdown on British Opium smugglers. The Second Opium War was fought between Britain and France coalition against the Qing in 1856–1860. In each war, the European force's modern military technology led to an easy victory over the Qing forces, with the consequence that the government was compelled to grant favorable tariffs, trade concessions, and territory to the Europeans."

"These wars and the subsequently-imposed treaties weakened the Qing dynasty and Chinese governments, and forced China to open specified treaty ports (especially Shanghai) that handled all trade with imperial powers. In addition, China gave the sovereignty over Hong Kong to Britain.” 12

During the last few decades, the so called "Drug Cartels" have increased their fierce competition for 'markets', and it can be said that they are at war against each other for power and domination. Certain governments have already legalized marijuana for medicinal use, others are also contemplating advancing regulation not only to control the traffic but also to participate in the profits through taxation.  With Jupiter in Pisces and the upcoming conjunction with Neptune, things can intensify in the struggle for power in the drug traffic.

International Trade

In 1986, Jupiter in Pisces favored the globalization of the economy and the development of long distance trade.

In 2009 with Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Aquarius, Microsoft goes public, and Internet is spreading around the world, making for the widespread of information and open access to knowledge for everyone.

When Jupiter conjoins Neptune next year, international trade could be expected to expand without limitations, or border restrictions in certain regions. There could be new regional trade agreements in that sense for mutual benefit among commercial partners. As stated before, the drug traffic may expand as well with the implications of re-distribution of power by force.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces Trivia - The biggest, the tallest, the highest

Jupiter Neptune in Pisces is also maximum exaggeration, and a time to find the maximum expression of something big. One of the news in 1856 was about the Mt. Everest. The Great Trigonometrical Survey of India officially gives 'Peak XV' (later to be named Mount Everest) the height of 29,002 ft (8,840 m), and was recognized as the highest of the world. In addition, 'Peak IX' (Kangchenjunga), previously thought to be the world's highest, is confirmed as 28,156 ft (8,582 m).13


As the reader understand, the upcoming Jupiter Neptune conjunction is a major one, since they have a  166 cycle in Pisces. Considering the accumulative power of all the cycle initiations that have taken place since last year, namely, Saturn/Pluto and Jupiter/Pluto in Capricorn, and Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius, this additional one packs another punch to Humanity's Evolution. Just expect major changes. We will need flexibility, adaptability and a lot of endurance. Be brave! Be yourself!
Sat Nam.

8-Wikipedia: Battle of Seattle (1856).
13-Mt. Everest History

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The Healing Power of Self-Love - Full Moon in Libra

Full Moon in Libra

March 28, 2021 @ 1:50 pm CDT/18:50 UTC

A Full Moon in Libra strives for fairness, equanimity, conciliation, agreements, awakens awareness of the ‘otherness’, or relationships. As a Cardinal Sign, in a chart with highly cardinal energy, Libra demands a change of direction, especially in the healing of your vulnerabilities that are evident in relationships. This Full Moon awakens the subconscious sense of not being good enough, and it is projected or reflected on the ‘other’. 

Photo credit: Tiffany Butler Kennedy, The Long Tailed Weasel
Do we 'connect'?

Libra ruler, Venus in Aries under the Sunrays, calls for healing through purification. On March 26 at 5º50’♈️ when she’s cazimi, Venus goes from Morning Star to Evening Star forming one of her 5 Star points. After being the Morning Star, as Venus is now ‘purified in the crucible’ of the Sun rays, the expression of your self-value and your relationships are especially highlighted for the rest of the year, since Venus goes through her Superior Conjunction with the Sun when the New Tropical Year starts. During the Morning Star period, Venus has probably been too daring, indulging in the sweetness of life, exceeding in the pursuit of pleasure, and it’s now time to face possible consequences of one kind or another. The Sun comes as the cathartic process, when you further your wisdom of the meaning and function of love and attraction in your life, and how to use them for your spiritual development. When after March 26, Venus comes on the other side as the Evening Star, you become more introspective, reserved and measured in the pursuit of sensual satisfaction.

Opposite the Libra Full Moon, Chiron sandwiched between Sun and Venus marks the start of a healing period, when one gains a higher level of consciousness, and is able to start healing one's sense of self (Aries). This implies having to face your most intimate feelings of not being ‘enough’, of vulnerability, inadequacy, rejection, abandonment, dissatisfaction, unacceptability, etc. that you charge against yourself. Both the Sun and Moon highlight the deepest wounds of your soul so you can acknowledge them, take responsibility for them and decide to heal. The light of the Sun, Venus and Chiron shining over the Moon’s surface at the time of the Full Moon reflects this loving self-healing, and injects compassion, harmony, goodwill, fairness and equanimity onto your psyche and emotional body. The whole process starts through and ends affecting all relationships, but also matures the way you relate to yourself and others.

On June 3d, 2020, Venus formed her previous Star Point at 13º Gemini conjunct her own Nodes and in square to Mars, the impulsive desire of life. Coincidentally, then as today, Chiron was direct at 8º Aries (May 14 to June 9, 2020). Even though with a four-degree orb, Venus was then square Chiron. In addition, in this Libra Full Moon chart, the 13º Gemini is sandwiched between Mars and the North Node, which evidences the reactivation of the same themes from last year at that time. Their joint energy means that there is a greater ambition, determination and drive against all odds, an increase in the desire to achieve your goals in your healing path. Looking at the covid19 statistics, the pandemic showed a downwards, or healing period, when the pandemic decreased its intensity.

Chiron has spent long periods at that 8º degree last year, Rx from Aug 14 to Sept 10; coinciding with the downward trend on the pandemic graphic. This year Chiron is at 8º from March 14 to 31; and later Nov 15 to Jan 23, 2022, first Rx, then turning direct at 8º 26’. If you believe the past statistics and Chiron’s associated role, you may expect a downward trend during those periods as well. (Of course, the effect is different for every country depending on which Zodiac House Chiron is transiting).

Full Moons are oppositions that manifest either in reflection or projection, also making for the full potential of the conditions or decisions started at the New Moon in Pisces. Another person or your present life circumstances around the day of the Full Moon can clearly show you (reflect or project) what you are accomplishing in this Moon cycle. Several of my clients consulting me now are experiencing situations that shed light on their deepest life wounding (Chiron), with, at the same time, a turning point when they are willing to plunge into the healing process. If you are feeling the maximum pressure, the extreme pain of your deepest personal wound it is because this is the time to take responsibility and embrace the healing. 

Nevertheless, as you’ve seen in the news lately, there are people who are so much and deeply wounded, feeding their resentments, guilt, anger and fears, that are at a point where they are not able nor willing to allow for healing, and instead choose to inflict their own pain onto others. 

As well as in the Pisces New Moon at the start of this Moon cycle, the Libra Full Moon still features MakeMake prominent participating with the Moon in a trine with Mars and Saturn. MakeMake "symbolizes the 'seed' of a New Beginning and of Life itself." MakeMake's sacred power is the Creation, and the mythical tradition represents the revival brought by the Spring season. Adds hope and stability to the new beginning.

The Moon inconjunct Uranus provides for unusual insights that illuminate solutions for the powerful opposition. This aspect is a disjoint between your uniqueness and the expectations. Unpredictable emotional reactions throw off your relationship dynamics, but not necessarily in a negative way. Because, becoming aware of how your wound impacts how you relate to others, you may decide to take a different approach.

For you, the healing process may have started a few days ago. Ruler of the North Node of the Moon, Mercury square Mars couldn’t avoid but spurt out your ‘well-kept undercover’ fear, guilt, resentment, anger. There were relationship clashes, or heated arguments, or simply a mental enlightening strike that revealed a certain truth to you. Some pain buried in the subconscious for a long time came to the surface and you had to express it, probably not in the most amorous way. Mercury in Pisces has us in contact with the spiritual reality and gives us an infinite perspective. The mind is able to grasp the metaphysic dimension of other lifetimes and help us understand our present challenges. You may have had revelatory dreams clearly showing your vulnerability. If you express yourself through art, your creativity may also have been a manifestation of buried subconscious pain.

Mars/North Node in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius are two wings of a kite configuration that encourage and sustain the resolution of the Sun/Moon opposition of this (‘I versus You’) Aries/Libra axis. Saturn in Aquarius can teach us innovative social structures and strategies that can be applied to the general energy of this Full Moon chart. And Mars conjunct the North Node of the Moon in trine to Saturn supports a slow but perdurable building of mental patterns that resolve relationship issues through healing your own wounds. The mind makes lasting changes of direction and focus. And the applying trine from the Moon to Mars and Saturn, supports your emotional involvement in that process by focusing on fairness, objectivity, and equality (Libra Moon).

As always, when Chiron is involved so significantly, there is a wound that heals. Chiron in Aries reveals the self-identity wounding that plays out in your relationships. For instance, you could never find a partner that is 'good enough' if your inner story is always telling you that you are not 'good enough'. Or if you deceive yourself, you often find deceiving 'others' to play your inner wounding. The self-prophecy is always realized on the mirror of the 'other', where you are able to see who you really are.
Chart drawn with TimePassages Software

This Full Moon in Libra is the most beautiful and compassionate I've seen in a long while. Venus involvement adds her unconditional love, helps to reevaluate your self-worth, and frees your self-expression. I hope you're able to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to become more aware of your wound, and heal yourself and your relationships. 

Sat Nam.

"Be kind, be gentle, make peace" Ajahn Brahm

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Ready for Changes - Solar New Year 2021

2021 Spring/Fall Equinox

March 20, 2021 @ 4:38CDT/9:38UTC

Today the day and night are equal length, especially at the time when the Sun enters Aries. It’s the start of the Tropical year. New Life begins! We have the opportunity to start anew, refresh and revitalize our life, setting new goals, aiming towards new horizons.

This year, your values and relationships are especially highlighted since Venus is in the process of conjoining the Sun, forming one of her 5 Star points (exact March 26). After being the Morning Star, Venus is now burned by the Sun rays. At the same time Venus is in her yearly counsel session with the ‘King’, our values and relationships are being illuminated with wisdom, and higher understanding. During the Morning Star Venus period, if you have been too daring, indulging in the sweetness of life, exceeding in the pursuit of your pleasure, it’s now time to face possible consequences of one kind or another. The Sun comes as the purifying process, when we further our wisdom of what the love and attraction functions in our life mean, and how to use them for our spiritual development. When after March 26, Venus comes on the other side as the Evening Star, you become more introspective, reserved and measured in the pursuit of sensual satisfaction. In the Equinox chart, Venus is still exalted in Pisces, and the Sun exalted in Aries, so they are both really strong, which means that their significations show robustly.

cosmic intelligence agency

For today, you focus on your loving qualities, on surrounding yourself with beauty, enjoying a peaceful time and harmonious relationships. It’s a great day to use your creative juices, or to make a financial plan. You may also have an opportunity for a pleasant gathering, or an increased social activity. You feel more affectionate, especially towards your children, if you have them. By participating in some amusing activity, or in a party you may attract romance or establish new friendships. It’s a great day to charm your lover, and have sex, as well.

A very significant feature of this chart is that the Midpoint (halfway) between the Sun and the Moon is the degree occupied by Uranus at 8ºTaurus (just 6’ orb!). Since Venus is the ruler of Taurus, the implications for this new Solar year are unexpected financial events, relationship surprises, and unusual values and attractions. Everybody in the world will be affected by this influence, and experience sudden changes related to what people want to have in their lives. Things and people that you never thought you would like, may feel extremely attractive now to you because the color of your ‘glasses’ has changed. You will have uncommon tastes, and extraordinary sensitivities. Your finances may take a strange turn, one way or another, but certainly unpredictably. 

The Moon is with her North Node in Gemini, indicating that your unconscious inclinations, motivations and reactions agree with the direction set up in front of you, and that you are about to take. Mercury in Pisces, ruler of Gemini, of the Moon and of the North Node, squaring the Nodes, indicates that your mind leaves behind some outgrown beliefs and is headed to find new information to guide you in your way forward. Mercury in Pisces broadens the scope of your thoughts, you have a hard time focusing on details, because now you need the big picture in order to make decisions aiming at your future. Health, healing, spirituality, and service are much in your mind these days. 

Chart generated with TimePassages Software by AstroGraph

The chart has a disproportionate cardinal and mutable energy, which pushes us toward radical changes and adjustments. In addition, the Moon is approaching the first quarter square, indicating a crisis, conflict, or challenge that forces you to take action, alter your behavior, make a radical decision, or take the reins and tackle a problem. 

2021 is a year of transformations for everyone. This is just a partial reading of the Equinox chart. Your personal life will be certainly affected by it for the next twelve months. You are at a crossroads now, and definitely need an astrological reading to dig deeply into your circumstances and state of consciousness. Order your reading now, and let us discuss some insights so you can successfully ease your way through this year’s challenges. Contact me today!

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The Transformative Dream of Life - New Moon in Pisces, March 2021

New Moon in Pisces, March 13, 2021

Photo credit Dubai Dance

Pisces, Sign of Integration into ONE.

A New Moon in Pisces with Venus and Neptune initiates a cycle of spiritual merging with the collective unconscious that may come with a sense of loss, dissolution, or ending of a process, situation or circumstances. The conjunction with Neptune and Venus within 3 degrees infuses this New Moon with compassion, unconditional love, spiritual healing powers, and inspires romantic love, artistic expressions, and charitable endeavors. However, beware of delusional ideas or idealization of people and situations.

Imagination works overtime to bring down to reality the results of a profound spiritual experience where everyone and all is integrated into the sense of ONENESS. These days, you often hear ‘we are all in the same boat’. This Moon Cycle doesn’t sit well with the philosophy “I’m fine, screw my neighbor”. On the contrary, it makes people aware of the fact that whatever happens to others affects one, and one’s actions or inaction affect others in exchange.

On the negative side of the spectrum, because Neptune in Pisces ruling the New Moon dissolves boundaries, it can increase addiction urges and prone the individual to overdose, increase the escapist behaviors, isolation feelings or behavior, and a greater affluence of sick people to hospitals due to the exacerbation of germs spread and contagion. 

TimePassages Chart

The 23º of Pisces falls in the Scorpio Decanate, ruled by Pluto in Capricorn (sextile to NM), which makes for a transformative spiritual experience. That degree also falls in the Mars ruled Egyptian Term, indicating the initiatory quality of the transformation. The corresponding Dwad is Capricorn, indicating that the spiritual transformation is about society regulations, written or tacit conventions adopted to achieve communal security.

Even though the Moon Cycle starts in a mutable water sign, the rest of the cycle phases are cardinal in preparation for the next cycle from Aries. The First Quarter Square of the cycle happens at 1º Cancer, on the Spring Equinox March 21, beginning the new tropical year. Cancer is the Sign of caring, nurturing, and the need for caution and safety. The Full Moon, which gives the culmination or full potential of the cycle, will be at 8º Libra, ruled by Venus, the Sign of fairness, equanimity, harmony, social refinement, civilized relationships. On April 4, the Third Quarter Square (waning) comes from 14º Capricorn. Those cardinal Signs ‘lampposts’ mean that this Moon cycle brings important initiatory changes to adjust (Pisces) the collective common good, healing, and creativity. 

23 Degrees of Pisces

This Full Moon is also the precursor and preparation for one of the most important events this year, the Jupiter Neptune conjunction at 23º 58’ Pisces. With a cycle of meetings in this Sign of 166 years, they haven’t joined in Pisces since March 16,1856 (exact at 18º♓︎12’).

At that time in the United States, Seattle Governor Stevens declared a "war of extermination" upon the indigenous peoples. Also, a variety of long-standing tensions and disagreements about American life and politics was the brewing soil for the imminent Secession War. "For nearly a century, the people and politicians of the Northern and Southern states had been clashing over the issues that finally led to war: economic interests, cultural values, the power of the federal government to control the states, and, most importantly, slavery in American society. Due to the white supremacy ideology and a mainly agricultural economy that depended on the labor of enslaved people, the Southern states viewed enslavement as essential to their very survival." (Thoughtco)

Elsewhere in the world, France and England were fighting the second Opium War in China called the Arrow War. “China had previously attempted to suppress the illegal opium trade, which had led to widespread addiction in China and was causing serious social and economic disruption there. British traders were the primary source of the drug in China. The Arrow War was the result of the desire of Great Britain and France to win additional commercial privileges in China, including the legalization of the opium trade, as well as to gain more legal and territorial concessions in China.” (Britannica)

Photo credit

Looking back, there seems to be theme correlations, i.e. trade with and from China; opioid epidemic in the USA; freedom rights; resurgence of white supremacy sentiment; social polarizations that may be brewing war conflicts.

Other themes associated with the Jupiter Neptune conjunction are global spread of pathogens, dissolution of cultural and identity barriers, space travel, legalization of addictive substances, and gas explosions.

New Moon Sextile to Pluto

Pluto contributes his transformative power to the spiritual process. Pluto clears the way to awakening to higher levels of reality by decluttering the ground, getting rid of material forms, and attachments (sometimes codependency). Later he brings back the alchemized tangible elements to re-form and re-build the new reality. One can count on this New Moon to penetrate deeply into both, our psyche and spirit to rise them up from death.

Semisextile to Eris in Aries

As the consciousness (Sun) unites with the unconscious psyche (Moon), in awkward 30º angular relationship with the Goddess of Discord, Eris, this New Moon stirs a strong emotional indignation in the face of the unrecognized rights of those who have been relegated, ignored, rejected, and abandoned by the mainstream society. An emotional urge is born at this New Moon, an emergent need from the depths of the collective unconsciousness, for transformation (Pluto) at the systemic structural level of society (in Capricorn), of those subjacent conditionings that exclude the one that appears to be ‘different’ for any whimsical reason.

Golden Apple of Discord by Jacob Jordaens

The Goddess Eris was not invited to the feast of the Gods because she was too ugly. This social attitude over a long period cannot but incite resentment, rancor, hostility and even vindictiveness among those who are rejected. Eris comes to the Banquet of the Gods with her golden apple and throws it on the table saying ‘to the fairest’. Those very words were the ones that spur the competition among the other Goddesses to the point of originating the bloodiest Greek war in Ancient History, the Trojan War. As you can see, social exclusion can only generate hostility and discord, even destruction, never peace and prosperity.


This New Moon stirs deep seated strong feelings of resentment long held back, and still difficult to express them without excess or fear. Repressed fear and anger can immobilize you or frustrate you. Behaving assertively or fighting for what you think you deserve creates an inner turmoil that makes you sick to the stomach, because you perceive that the result will probably be contrary to what you want, perhaps disapproval or retaliation. On the other hand, the bottled-up anger can erupt too fast and uncontrollably, making you do things that you immediately regret.

The best way to use this energy during this entire Moon Cycle is to plan ahead. If you participate in a group or organization that advocates for civil rights or for the rights of a certain ‘minority’, make sure you develop a strategy, that advisors are available, that all movements are well thought and prescribed ahead of time. This rebellious energy requires to develop and display strength to stand the ground and courage to act constructively for peace and harmony. If you suffer an injustice in your personal life, take this time to reflect in meditation, and find the best solution for the benefit of everyone involved. After all, it’s a New Start in Pisces, the Sign of everyone and everything, where one merges with Human Kind and with the Cosmos.

Chiron conjunct Ceres in Aries opposite MakeMake in Libra 

MakeMake, Rapa Nui Creation Bird God

 Chiron in Aries is another archetype that doesn’t fit in the box of social expectations. Half horse, half human, but not even a Centaur, rejected and abandoned by his own parents, the two beings that should have loved and protected him, Chiron is often the story of many human beings. Chiron in Aries claims his right to exist, as different as he might be. Uniting forces with Ceres, they claim their right to receive nurturance, to be taken care of, truly loved and accepted unconditionally and a as whole, not as half-and-halfs. They are entitled like everybody else to their self-determination, autonomy and freedom. 

Exactly opposite at 7º in Libra, MakeMake acts as a mirror reflecting their quest for wisdom, after risking their lives. MakeMake represents the quest and fight for survival. In the Birdman myth, the Tangata Manu has fetched the precious promise of life by dangerously risking his life in order to catch the first egg of the season (Spring). The egg symbolizes the 'seed' of a New Beginning and of Life itself. They call it the "mana", referring to the sacred power, and MakeMake, the Creator himself. That's why the Clan's chief, (hopu) was considered the "incarnated God", giver of new life and he had to spend ‘one year in isolation’ as a spiritual 'egg incubation' path. 

MakeMake is the Creation God of the Rapa Nui civilization of the Easter Island. According to Henry Seltzer, “We could speculate that the archetype associated with MakeMake involves delving down into the dark interior of the psyche in order to obtain a more passive and feminist form of received wisdom to be merged with the warrior male outer-oriented energy of the ego.” In Libra, MakeMake looks up for the wisdom of equanimity, fairness, equal rights and equal give and take in the social contract. 

 A Human Being is first and foremost a Spiritual Being. He has ‘fallen down’ to Earth to make this physical experience where the Soul can know itself. As Carl Sagan said, "We are the way for the Cosmos to know itself".


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Friday, February 26, 2021

Virgo Full Moon - February 27, 2021

Full Moon in Virgo

Virgo - The Maiden

As the Moon Cycle that started at 23º♒️ developed, its collective themes were unveiled. The most notorious in North America was the Storm Uri (which surprisingly sounds like Uranus’ nickname), that, by the way, arrived at the heels of the Saturn Uranus square. Since, obviously, the Aquarius New Moon was governed by Uranus, Uri not only brought unusually cold weather, surprising breaks in electricity supply (Uranus themes), freezing temperatures (a Saturnian theme) but triggered another breakdown of the whole system, starting with the power companies, through the power utility regulatory agency, and going all the way to the top of governmental leadership and legislation. Everything in the way collapsed, as things do when Uranus strikes. The collapse affected transportation, food distribution, utility services, house and community services maintenance, and much much more.

Uranus in Taurus is the rebellion of Nature. Since 2018 with his ingress in Taurus, we have been observing how small imperceptible live entities, like the covid19, or an insignificant 1ºC of climate warming, set off a domino effect of disproportionate consequences. The warnings started with the Saturn Uranus conjunction of 1988, but nobody paid attention, or nobody wanted to accept it, and we continued to live as if the problem didn’t exist. Well, the problem is REAL. You probably cannot NOT see it now.

Another theme related to Uranus is the use of Uranium for both pacific and belligerent purposes. You have probably learned the ‘disputes’ about the subject between Iran and the USA, and the most recent developments about it during the present Aquarius lunar cycle. Not only this cycle, but we are exactly half-way between eclipse seasons, meaning that as the Sun squares the Moon Nodal Axis, it’s a ‘no man’s land’ where the significations of both eclipse seasons merge.

In addition, the Nodes of the Moon are approaching the Planetary Nodes of Uranus, at 12º♐️45 its South Node, and at 15º♊️33’ its North Node! What does it mean in layman’s language? The karmic (action) memory (Moon Nodes) meets the traumatic karma of Humanity (Uranus’ Nodes). Undesirable Uranus traumatic past karma is associated with genocides, cold human cruelty, dehumanization of humans, such as robotization, mechanization, distancing from life bodily fluids and functions, abuse of science, and generalized abstraction of Natural Laws. Of course, desirable future Uranus karma relates to the betterment of civilization through intellectual development, technical and mechanical inventions based on scientific innovation, space exploration, astronomical knowledge expansion, and the wide distribution of knowledge.

Therefore, the Full Moon in Virgo is both the culmination of the present lunar cycle started in Aquarius, but also the completion of the six-month cycle that started with the September 17, 2020 New Moon in Virgo, which, ‘coincidentally!’ squared the Nodes of the Moon. It was a time of changing direction. What did it mean for you personally? How this Full Moon is completing what you started then?

The Axis Pisces Virgo correlates to compassion and service, creativity and discernment, the whole picture encompassing everything and the small details or individual pieces of data. Together, they focus on healing, putting each piece in its place to make sense of a Universal Puzzle. Pisces and Virgo are two extremes of the same subject, making sense of imbalance and chaos, finding faults and cures, discriminating what works and what doesn’t and looking for repairs.

A Virgo Moon, associated with small intestine digestion process, analyses, sifts and separates what is useful and what is waste. You may find yourself sorting out things, issues, data, events, information, messages, accounts. For some, it may mean calculating taxes and preparing a tax report, or balancing your bank accounts. For others, it may mean sorting out your diet, a health treatment, cleaning up the house, or cleansing and disinfecting the fridge.

In the midst of the recent energy crisis in the USA, it was discovered that whereas the supposed purpose of ‘deregulation’ was to lower energy prices for the consumer, the reality shows that consumers have ended up paying ever higher prices. This Virgo Full Moon can find government institutions and leadership now investigating the problems, proposing or finding solutions, fixing the malfunctioning links in the chain, or in the network (after all, the New Moon was in Aquarius). Will something change? Maybe not immediately, nor even before the next crisis, since this discussion has been going on for decades and nothing was done. But Aquarius is also associated with the community, the social collective, which not only suffers the consequences, but with its participation, can also contribute to the solution.

In my video, I said that this Virgo Full Moon talks volumes about health, which it’s another subject very present in the collective. Even though, the number of cases of the original covid19 is decreasing, mutations present a new challenge. Virgo favors the implementation of proven treatments, possibly the production of an ‘edited’ vaccine.

Creativity is also part of this Virgo Full Moon, since the Sun in Pisces projects his conscious light on our unconscious represented by the Moon. For those who know how to connect with your Muses, it is a great opportunity to download ideas from the spiritual world and capture them on paper, clay, or your favorite instrument. Let your voice be heard through an artistic expression!

Enjoy this day!
Sat Nam.

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