Sunday, November 28, 2021

Daily Transits - November 29, 2021

    Healing Opportunities

Healing a relationship may be the work of a whole life.

    Moon in Libra opposite Chiron may trigger some relationship wounding but the other trines and sextiles in today's chart help you find ways to heal. 

    Mercury in Sagittarius makes you think of an adventure, you expand your mind with foreign things, and a new perspective perspective. You may be interested in reading or speaking about foreign cultures, countries, people, or in a new spiritual practice, religious belief system, a new ideology or philosophy. It's a good time to call or visit your friends abroad. 

    It seems that this broader perspective of your thinking opens wide new doors to healing the woundedness of your life. In addition to the insights provided the conjunction with the Sun, the sextile to Saturn gives you a methodic, realistic mind. Saturn also sextiles Chiron giving the opportunity to take your wound more seriously. 

    What is your deepest permanent wound? You now see a range of possibilities for healing it. You are probably learning an earthly approach, maybe homeopathic, using natural products, or spiritual, from a different culture or belief system that sounds more appropriate to help your healing process. Maybe, someone tells you that there is a certain meditation technique, or a pilgrimage to a certain place that has healing properties.
    Since Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, is in Aquarius, there could be alternative or innovative scientific discovery supporting your healing.

    Mars in Scorpio, ruler of Chiron in Aries, with the mystic help of a trine to Neptune, makes an exhaustive thorough investigation about natural resources inside the earth, in the soil. Mars may find a liquid natural substance with healing properties. Scorpio is after all a healing sign, and Mars likes to penetrate deep to the essence of things. Psychic healing rituals are also in the domain of Mars in Scorpio
    Then 'here comes the Sun' also trining Chiron. It seems that for a few days, if you look for a new way to sooth your pain, be it physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual you have the opportunity to find it.

    The Universe is full of Love, recognize it and receive it!

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Friday, November 26, 2021

Neptune Turns Direct

 Reckoning With Your Fancies

Morro Rock, Morro Bay, CA. Credit: Terra Galleria
Below the Mist

    Like the dust of a dream clears away as you wake up in the morning, the mist of your fantasies has been clearing during Neptune retrograde. Now, Neptune has been planted at 20º♓️since October 15, and will only move onto 21º on January 16, 2022! He stations direct at 20º♓️24' on December 1st, drilling it for 8 days. 

    Neptune stationary intensifies the energy of its symbolism. On the positive side, there is a stronger focus on spiritual and cosmic matters, beauty, emotions, service, charity, and humanitarian issues. Intuitive realizations are sharper, and the connection with the invisible realm is also pronounced. The Muses will roam about artists and musicians. It's easier to connect telepathically with your loved ones because you  can more intensely feel their emotions. Dreams can be more vivid and their dramatic content makes them easier to recall in the morning. 

Morro Bay in a clear day.
It's important to know what's underneath the mist.

    On the no so positive side, especially if you're emotionally or psychologically out of balance for any reason, you may notice a tendency to isolate, and even escape using substances to avoid the more intense outworldly experiences. Those with more Earth and/or Fire in their charts may avert the spiritual pull to subjects and activities related to art, or charity. Others may fall into delusional thinking, or exacerbate an already existing savior complex by which they want to save others, usually those who have no interest in being saved. This is part of the characteristic self-deception typical of Neptune when one is not acquainted with his higher qualities. 

    Generally, the Water energy increases, and you dedicate more efforts to related themes, like being compassionate, empathic, and the desire to help and serve others.  

    Now, as Neptune archetype is heightened, so it is your vulnerability to diseases, since he is the great dissolver of all protective boundaries. Your immune system may be affected, and your lymphatic system may not respond as efficiently when you contract a bug, be it yeast, fungi, bacteria or virus. During the stationary period, it's advisable to pay attention to your nutrition, making healthful choices and favoring food that support and maintain the defenses. Under the physician advice, it's a good idea to take the appropriate supplements for the better functions of your body. 

    Hygiea, the planet of healthcare and healthful practice is now quincunx (210º with minutes of orb) from Neptune at 19º♎️53', an aspect of crisis and transformation. It wouldn't be surprising to see hospitals and the healthcare system overwhelmed under the stationary Neptune. "Prevention is better than cure", my grandmother used to say. Protect yourself from the bad 'bugs'. Just being mindful of the basic hygiene measures will do.  

Take care. Sat Nam

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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Daily Transits - November 27-30, 2021

Mercury Sun Superior Conjunction 

 Mercury Superior Conjunction

    Mercury is now in the middle of its synodic cycle with the Sun, the phase equivalent to the Full Moon, or Full Mercury if you like. This means that whatever started at the previous conjunction in Libra is now at the fruition stage. Feel free to go back to that link for my Daily Transit, but maybe you remember that the "new" Mercury was exactly conjunct Mars, and that there were several conflicts in the news. 

    Personal relationships were strained and there was friction in the air. Also, during Mercury Retrograde period, he squared Pluto a couple of times, which made for relationship power struggles. Now, you see the outcome and completion of those tensions. 

   From late November 27 to early November 30, "Mercury will pass very close to the Sun in the sky as its orbit carries it around the far side of the solar system from the Earth". This occurs once in every synodic cycle of the planet (116 days), and marks the end of Mercury's apparition in the morning sky and its transition to become an evening object over the next few weeks" ( However, Mercury will still be invisible under the sunrays for several weeks.

Hermes (Mercury) With the Benefactor, Apollo, the Sun God.

    From our point of view on Earth, we are not able to see Mercury on the other side of the Sun; he is overtaken by its light and warmth. Your mind can now get clarity for about 24-36 hours (November 28-29), so you may fully understand the meaning of its cycle from Libra to Sagittarius. You have certainly broaden your vision of those relationship challenges, and can now appreciate them in an ampler or deeper perspective (Sagittarius). 

    As Mercury moves on, will be closing several other planetary cycles. From Sagittarius, he forms waning semi-squares to Venus and Pluto, sextile to Saturn, quintile to Jupiter, biseptile to Neptune, and trine to Chiron. The prolific amount of aspects that Mercury makes as he drifts along, explains why your mind is so active and can never keep quiet. 

    The semi-square to Venus and Pluto respectively can give you great frustration in matters of purchases, financial decisions, and organization of your resources, most probably because you miss the minute details. No matter how much effort you put on them, you cannot see the tangible results. Better wait a couple of days until Mercury sextile Saturn on November 30. Although he trines Chiron since the evening before, Saturn seems to support the mind and give physical shape to the enthusiastic and optimistic visionary projects of Mercury in Sagittarius. 

    Then on December 7, Mercury will square Neptune, and your mind will go up to in lala land. Then you'll be inspired to write poetry or music, or write and send good wishes of Happy Holidays and New Year Prosperity to your friends and family. 

Enjoy the mental ride!
Sat Nam.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Daily Transits - November 24-25, 2021

 Mercury in Sagittarius

Hermes, Carlo Lasinio, 1516, after Raphael.

    Mercury enters Sagittarius. Get ready for long distance mental and physical travels. Mercury is uncomfortable in a Fire Sign where ideas are hard to grasp, reason is useless, and facts difficult to prove. 

Mercury in Sagittarius is like travelling by a flying car; what's the use of its wheels, right? Plus, the wind will blow it so fast that the driver or rider would not be able to stop and admire each cloud, you know. 

With Mercury in Sagittarius, you'd rather be thinking and talking about distance lands, religious matters and cultural identities. 

    As you see, not a good time to balance your checkbook, or calculate your taxes. Why such removal from Mercury's typical behavior. There are a few reasons of reasons. 

One, he's combust, or invisible right now, not at his best, really.

The other is that Mercury blends with the 'flavor' of the Sign, and planets he touches; in this case idealist and abstract Sagittarius. 

Another, is his current Morning Star condition. As such, he travels fast, approaching the Sun, comparably to the waxing Moon. 

This is the time when your mental work is more intense. You can process information quickly, have abundance of visionary ideas, but may overlook details. 

Update: Mercury conjoins the South Node November 25, which also contributes to the sluggish mind. Communications are more difficult, devices may present problems. As softwares may need upgrade, so does your thinking. Your ready to discard old ideas, paperwork, letters, emails, junk mail, newspapers. Enjoy recycling! With the Holiday, as you have more time to relax, it's a great time to clean up your email box. 

Then, Mercury will meet the Sun once again, marking the middle of its synodic cycle (Full Moon status), time of illumination. More to come on this by November 28. Stay tuned.

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Monday, November 22, 2021

Daily Transits - November 23, 2021

 The Sun Kiss With Moon South Node

Sunset in Canelones, Uruguay

    Some male authority may fade away from the public scene or may suffer changes of reputation. His  pride may suffer, especially if that person has something to reproach himself for. His identity may suffer a life crisis, a status downturn with accompanying feelings of failure, or unexpected important health issues. 

    People with planets or points close by this aspect are affected by this transit, and feel lonely, relegated, or not heard. Sun with the South Node weakens your vitality, so your health may suffer, especially your heart, your hips, or the mid back. An important father or authority figure in your life may go through a challenging experience that impacts you as well, provoking some kind of loss. 

    The house the Sun and South Node are transiting and the house of Leo are also affected in the themes they represent. There are significant lessons to learn there. Usually, you are shedding some aspect of your soul's core that has become an obstacle in your evolutionary road. Since the Sun represents self-love, self-esteem and self-worth, there could have been self-aggrandizement, or egocentric behaviors that need correction. You may have overgrown certain aspects of your creativity, or other activities you do for enjoyment, and now you have the chance to leave them behind for the sake of new ways to create and enjoy life. 

  The Nodal influence is always very subtle and only felt at the soul level, it's not so obvious as the planetary effect, therefore you may not notice it easily. 

  Today the Moon in Cancer forms a kite in opposition to Venus in Capricorn, in trine with Mars in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. This vibe may give way to creative activities that nourish you emotionally, and maybe romantically. You may enjoy dancing, swimming, or listening to music with someone you deeply care about. So, in general, is a day to let go, relax and enjoy the moment. 

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