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Pluto Ingress Aquarius - Starting From Scratch

January 20, 2024

Have you ever had to start your life from scratch all over again? Well, believe it or not, this is what is happening to Humanity currently. Why? Astrologically, the World is entering a New Era of Air lasting 200 years. What is this? Jupiter and Saturn, the Chronocrators or Lords of the Times, will only join forces in Air Signs. Although, the first time they actually joined in Air Signs was in Libra in 1980-1981, as follows.

Dec 31, 1980 Jupiter conjunct Saturn at 9º Libra 30’
Mar 4, 1981 Jupiter conjunct Saturn at 8º Libra 07’
Jul 24, 1981 Jupiter conjunct Saturn at 4º Libra 56’

There was another conjunction in an Earth Sign before they finally started to join only in Air with the conjunction of December 20, 2020 at 0º Aquarius.

Let's look back to History 700 years ago. Very similarly to our current period, the Pluto Saturn conjunction happened in December 1284, at 26º Capricorn. Just a year later, in December 1285, Jupiter and Saturn met at 7º Aquarius, just as it happened in 2020. Back then, it was the start of the Renaissance in the Western Civilization. Direct result of the Crusades, the Renaissance was born out of the new knowledge brought back with the Crusaders’ travels to the Middle East. Islamic countries had kept many classical Greek and Roman texts that had been lost in Europe, and they were reintroduced by the returning crusaders.1

Then, with Saturn and Jupiter conjoining in Air Signs, the evolutionary transition took a couple of centuries. It is said that the Black Plague of mid 1300s set the stage for the Renaissance, by creating a complete chaos and vacuum of social structures and authority. Sounds familiar? Will our evolution take that long? Will it take a prolonged pandemic, a massive extinction, or a genocide?

Society became lighter with numerous improvements to daily life. Intellectual and scientific studies soared, Universities were created, the fine arts were perfected, all of which had been relegated during the Middle/Dark Ages. There were new concerns with healthy living, cleaning, and lightening up of the spirits.

In a sense, since 1802 when Saturn Jupiter started meeting in Earth signs, people had gone back to the dark ages of materialism. With the industrial revolution, humanity developed heavy machinery, to exploit material resources. Until today, progress was synonym of material wealth. It can be said that with the Saturn Uranus conjunction at the very end (anaretic degree) of Sagittarius the Globalization took the materialism to unsustainable extremes. And by the end of this Earth Era, the excesses have presented severe consequences.2

However, there is no doubt about the fact that the technological progress the Globalization promoted has paved the way for this new Era of En-light-enment, a Neo Renaissance in Humanity's evolution.

Similarly, to the Renaissance, now, that Jupiter Saturn meet in Air signs for the next 200 years, progress is synonym of scientific, cultural, and intellectual wealth. The fine arts are coming back, inspirational music, poetry, performing arts are on the rise. Scientific and intellectual development serve Humanity as a whole, promoting a higher stage of evolution and civilization.

Humanity’s business is literally getting rid of the heavy weight of Earthly material concerns, to lighten up embracing abstract matters. After a transitional period of devastation, Humanity enters a New Era of Reason, abstract mental development, and high level of intellectual creativity.

As this starts the collective in a new modus operandi, the old ‘world’ is crumbling down, as there should be an end before a new beginning. And that has been the work of all the slow-moving planets transiting the last quadrant of the zodiac (Capricorn through Pisces) during the last decades. First was Uranus, then Neptune, and now Pluto have all been closing a greater cycle. All material structures (Saturn) and their expansions (Jupiter) are decomposing in front of our eyes (Pluto).


The 0 degree Aquarius has been activated several times in significant ways since 2018. Mars was at 0º Aquarius, the exact day Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, made his entry in Taurus forming the waning square on May 16, 2018. Exactly on that day, the news informed us about serious social issues related to the generation of life, sex, death, a preamble to the arrival of Pluto. One of the headlines for that day reads,

“Palestinian officials say the Israeli military shot dead two more Palestinians in Gaza on Tuesday, only one day after the Israeli military massacred at least 61 unarmed Palestinians and wounded 2,700 more for protesting against the Israeli occupation and the opening of the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. The United States is refusing to criticize Israel after the massacre.”3
Other news that day relate to the reemerging anti-abortion issue, rumors of war in the South Korea Sea, digital attacks against Human Rights Activists in Pakistan, and other issues of sexual harassment and assault, and separation of children from their migrant parents. All these issues relate to Mars very well for their aggressive aspect, but they also show their incipient and gestational (corresponding to 0º) significance considering the future developments.

The next reference about the themes of 0º Aquarius appears on March 31, 2020, when Mars conjoins Saturn at that degree. Certainly, nobody needs a memory refresher for that day. During the following months, the entire Humanity grieved not only the dead, but the end of the world we had known so far.

Then on December 21, 2020, Jupiter joined Saturn exactly at that degree, giving official birth to the 200-year Air Era. This event dramatically started the process of changing the spirit of the times.

Next hit was Venus and Mars travelling jointly from March 2 to 6, 2022 over Pluto, from Capricorn into Aquarius exactly the same way Jupiter and Saturn did from December 1st to 20 of 2020. The 'romantic' couple start kissing at 27º Capricorn and consummate their 'love' at 0º Aquarius in the same way Jupiter and Saturn did back in 2020.

They mark a quite rare event. Venus and Mars will never again meet together with Pluto in Capricorn for several centuries. Whatever development starts then (i.e. Russian invasion), its cycle will probably take at least 250 years.

Yet, at the same time Venus and Mars also start a new cycle in Aquarius. This may mean that two parallel cycles are running at the same time, one rock solid, the other airy.

Just a few days before, while Venus and Mars were within orb of Pluto, February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine and the War started. By the time Venus and Mars were at 0º Aquarius, the headlines talked about more mass deaths, saying that strikes intensify, and Russia even hitting the Holocaust Memorial. As we will see in future developments, this is an extremely symbolic theme associated with zero degree of Aquarius. Massive displacements started of people fleeing the bombs in spite of the UN launching a humanitarian appeal.

The common thread of the news seems to be carrying the hints of Pluto themes related to death and buried secrets bursting out, announcing his future devastating work. Israeli Forces killing Palestinians, uncovering suspicious Indigenous graves. Nuclear talks with Iran, poisoning of young girls in this same country, a train tragedy in Greece, and other accidental poisonings and killings, some by storms others by human hand. There was one bright news though. Ironically, Panama recognizes the legal rights of Nature.4

The way Venus and Mars move from Capricorn to Aquarius represents the not so smooth archetypal transition from the solid structures of materialism to the lighter and lofty networks of thought. In order for us to ‘elevate’, we have to let go of the brick and mortar Capricornian structures. It means that during the last 15-year transit of Pluto the world pyramidal pillars of Capricorn social conventions and conditionings have fallen under a long process of decomposition.


Let us put our braces because that is not all. 2024 starts with a big bang! On January 20, the Sun escorts the Lord of Death and of the Underworld into Aquarius after their exact conjunction at 29º 59’ of Capricorn which indicates that 2024 is still a transitional year. Notice a good almost perfect trine from the Moon in Gemini, ensuring that there will be news!

On February 5, 2024, Mercury joins Pluto at 0º 29’ Aquarius. Notice their perfect conjunction with the Lot of Fortune in a 0º Aries chart. Mercury with Pluto is capable of venting very dark news. They could relate to the profound transformation of society due to the innovations of high tech science.

On February 13, 2024, Mars joins Pluto at 0º 46’. Notice the great imbalance of energy on the chart. With all planets in the two closing and the two opening Signs of the Zodiac, great endings and beginnings are in store for the world. Lilith as a singleton could play a dramatic role in issues of health. Through a profound disgust, she makes us realize how flawed Humanity is. Many could try to work hard to become 'good' to demonstrate the potential, or counteract the profound spiritual disconnection of so many others. Chiron in perfect conjunction with the North Node emphasizes the enormous existential vulnerability. This chart may correlate to mass death.

And just 4 days later, February 17, Venus makes also her baptism of Fire with the Darth Vader of the Zodiac at 0º 51’. Notice the almost perfect square from Mercury to Uranus. A financial transmutation is probably in store here.

Something is certain, by then, Humanity will get what 0º Aquarius means, for sure!

If someone hope for peace, flowers and the broken cross symbol of the Aquarian Age, may be ready for a big disappointment. The 20-year transit of Pluto in Aquarius may see, on the contrary, the transformation of society not without first horrific devastations and massive elimination of life in its many forms.

By hammering the 0º of Aquarius, all these conjunctions are preparing Humanity to build a different kind of social structures at a horizontal level. These new structures in the making, even though following inflexible (fixed quality) laws, are invisible, based on electrical waves, intermittent, softer and flowy in nature.

As indicated by the trend, many will suffer in the transition, especially those that are strongly attached to their material possessions. Some could die or be deprived unless they are able to sustain the incredible pressure of the times, that will be imposed by the transit of Pluto in Aquarius.

What is calling our attention lately and awaken our curiosity is the prevalence of conjunctions at 0º Aquarius. Some astrologers say that the first degree of a Sign has a very strong manifestation of the Sign’s energy. However, according to Lynn Koiner, at a personal level, a “beginning planet shows where the individual is young in their experience of the energy of that Planet and, therefore, it is not always used well, especially when starting or in a new situation.”5 My experience reading for people with these placements confirms the manifestation of awkwardness, and incipient skills of beginning planets.

A significant example is the birth chart of Sophia AI, the intelligent female robot. She was activated on February 14, 2016 @ 11:04 am in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Her birth chart has Mercury (mind, but also the electric circuitry) at 0º♒️29'. Even though, she is a great technological development, she is the first robot to have been recognized and registered as a citizen of a country, Saudi Arabia, on October 25, 2017. According to extensive research by ISAR President Astrologer Aleksandar Imsiragic, her birth is an iconic symbol as well as a precursory milestone to the Age of Aquarius. He argues that the 0º ♒️ is one of the degrees that plays a pivotal role in the Age of Aquarius.6


Pluto ingress in Aquarius, starts the process of reforming and regenerating the collective consciousness.

As Pluto has been straddling between Aquarius and Capricorn for three years, people have been struggling to get free from the oligarchic establishment that has seized extreme levels of power, control and wealth standing on top of the masses. Taken to the extreme, the system implodes on itself, lacking balance. The crushed masses becoming ever so weaker. No longer can they survive as it is. Around the world, the more the oppression the more the masses rise against it. The seeds of rebellion and the hunger for freedom are planted and germinating. The zero degree of Aquarius stores that urge for liberation, and budding freedom.


It is valuable to consider that the first seven degrees of Aquarius are also under the influence of Mercury, according to the Egyptian Terms, and under Saturn, according to Ptolemy’s Terms. Taking the traditional rulership of Aquarius, Saturn will double down its strength here with social obstacles, resistance, barriers to wealth, and much poverty. With the Saturn Mercury combination influence, 0º Aquarius brings out problems in trade related to the industries of communication, basic education, and transportation, to name a few.

Considering the rulership of Uranus over Aquarius, and combining the terms ruled by Saturn or Mercury, the result could bring out the rebellion of youth, calling things by their names, rejecting euphemisms, advocating change in the industries of communication, education, and exchange. Building bridges will be difficult, instead they might be destroyed, be it physical or figurative ones. There could also be barriers to social media, and even a stricter regulation or surveillance of Internet.

All these planetary hits to 0º Aquarius may empower and at the same time disempower the masses. During the short three months Pluto dipped the paws in Aquarius in 2023, people witnessed the destabilizing effects of highly developed technology on society. For example, ChatGPT and other AI technologies, like robots threatened the livelihood of workers in many industries. On May 2, 2023 the Writers Guild of America rose and came out to the streets protesting and demanding to have their work recognized and adequately valued.7 Yet, because Pluto came back to Capricorn on June 12, not much progress was achieved by this movement. Those who hold the power are more interested in their profit than in contributing to a sustainable social exchange.

On the one hand, technology development can empower certain sectors of society, yet on the other, it disempowers those who, in order to survive, attached to the certainty of the tangible plane. Even though its fixity, Aquarius is unreliable, intermittent and uncompromising. Uranus electrical impulses result in progress by leaps and bounds, for which, often, society is not ready yet. Some innovations are only accessible for the highly developed world. While Uranus is still in Taurus, it is difficult to rely on practical and material resources. The Earth is elusive, and so are its products. It is obvious that the transit of Uranus in Taurus is shaking Nature and its resources to the core.

All this makes for the incipient nature of the zero degree Aquarius. Like a newborn baby, it is alien to the world in which is born, it’s immature, doesn’t know how to adapt, doesn’t eat or walk on its own yet, it needs to be cared for, taught, guided and disciplined. And like babies, all things created under the 0º of Aquarius influence, may figuratively ‘spit, vomit and poop’ on people all the while making us smile a bit many times before they learn how to act properly.


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Mars Sun Conjunction in Scorpio - November 18, 2023


Mass grave from the Middle Ages- Wikipedia

When the Sun joins Mars, they unite forces for the activities associated with the themes of the Sign they transit. This impacts their whole two year cycle. For example, on September 2, 2019, the conjunction occured in Virgo. What happened in the next two years is fresh in our memories. The activity (Mars) was focused (Sun) on the health, healthcare, solving a health problem, service work, and workplace, which are the main subjects related to the Sign of Virgo. By projection, this also is reflected on the opposite Sign of Pisces, which represented the chaos, first, dissolution of health and disorganization on the healthcare system, sacrifices, charity service, etc. 

On October 8, 2021, they joined in Libra, and the focus was on relationships, polarization of interests and looking for compromise and agreement. The projection over the opposite Sign of Aries, and other astrological events, gave room to the War in Ukraine due to lack of compromise and extreme polarization in the world of international affairs. Other polarizations in relationships have been exacerbated during that period, in society in general, as well as, especially noticeable, in the political arena in several countries around the world. 

On November 17-18, 2023, the conjunction will occur at 25º♏️36'. Scorpio is a Sign associated with sharp focus and even obsessive concentration on the activities in which people engage. This Sign is also associated with taboo matters like sex and death, medical surgery, elimination of waste, decomposing of matter, and underground secrets and findings. However, figuratively at a spiritual level, this also could mean deep healing and transmutation (death and rebirth), dealing with psychological matters, surrender, and all kinds of eliminations and extirpations. 

Looking back in history, their conjunction in Scorpio happens normally, either every 32, or every 15 years, alternating, two times every 32 years and one time every 15 years. Only at the end of the 19th Century (1800s) there were three consecutive periods of 15, 17, 15 years apart. 

Observing the historical events associated with those two-year cycles when their conjunction starts in Scorpio, I found out that every time there were news of genocide or mass graves uncovering. Genocides do not happen exclusively with the Mars Sun in Scorpio cycle, yet, this conjunction always starts a two year period when they occur. Their cycle seem also to be associated with mass graves, their making or their finding.

Terrorism feeds directly on the polarization of diverse populations that cannot seem to be able to live together in peace. Even though the phenomenon could be considered immemorial, the word 'genocide' is relatively very new.

"Genocide is defined as an act committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group. The term ‘genocide’ was coined in 1944 by the Polish-Jewish lawyer Raphael Lemkin in his book Axis Rule in Occupied Europe. In creating the term ‘genocide’, Lemkin intended to more clearly define the crime of mass murder of groups of people and to raise awareness of it." 1


"Genocide became a crime in itself following the adoption of the ‘Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide’ by the United Nations General Assembly on 9 December 1948, as result of the events of the Holocaust." 1

The characteristics of a genocide are as follows:

"Killing members of a group. Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group. Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part. Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group."1

According to this same source, some of the stages leading to a genocide include, but is not limited to classification, discrimination, polarization, persecution, extermination, and denial of having committed any crime.

Some activities associated with the cycle initiated by the Sun and Mars in Scorpio are based on antagonic polarization, controlling a population by superlative fear, and defining limits of what it can and cannot do, usually with the philosophy that might makes it right. The imposed physical violence is of horrific proportions. There are shows off of extreme power, for example, forcibly transferring children of one group to another one, maximum level of destruction of property, stealing and/or illegal appropriation of the property of the subdued group.

The Scorpio flavor of things always carries this utmost obsessive focus on holding power that often translates into acts of ruthless courage, accompanied with the sacrifice of the conqueror's life. Sometimes, the motive is an unconscious drive to heal some psychological issue that has been subdued, covered up, repressed or entirely suppressed, and has found a trigger point to burst out in the open, just as it happens with a mature purulent cyst. It is felt by the aggressor as a way to heal from that issue.

Here are some examples of the most recent previous Sun Mars conjunctions in Scorpio. The first one back was November 8, 1991 with the addition of Pluto just within 5º orb, at 15º♏️27'. The 15º of any Fixed Sign is a World Portal, the midpoint between equinoxes and a place of 'source energy' access, which can connect to the universal infinity and past lives.

This period was marked by the Wars of disintegration of Yugoslavia. The ethnic tensions had started the year before. On November 20, 1991 the first massacre of this war occurred in Vukovar. More than 400 people trapped in the city's hospital of different ethnicities, including patients, Croatian troops, and some foreigners, were killed. 2

Mass Grave in Srebrenica 
Delegates of the International Association of Genocide Scholars (IAGS)
examine an exhumed mass grave of victims of the
July 1995 Srebrenica massacre, outside the village of
Potočari, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Other mass killings followed during the next couple of years in the region, as well as the later Srebrenica Genocide in 1995, all supposedly due to ethnicity and religion reasons. Yet, it is well understood that all wars have an economic reason in the background (Scorpio Taurus axis relates to resources). 

Vukovar water tower still evidence of bombardements 

Next previous Sun Mars conjunction in Scorpio happened October 30, 1959. This was the year the Cuban Revolution started with violence. Not only that, but it was also the year the Rwandan Revolution started, 

"also known as the Hutu Revolution, Social Revolution, or Wind of Destruction, it was a period of ethnic violence in Rwanda from 1959 to 1961 between the Hutu and the Tutsi, two of the three ethnic groups in Rwanda. The revolution saw the country transition from a Tutsi monarchy under Belgian colonial authority to an independent Hutu-dominated republic. The revolution began in November 1959, with a series of riots and arson attacks on Tutsi" 3

Mass Grave in Rwanda

The conflict escalated into a War that lasted until 1994, and around 200,000 people were killed.

Next one back was on November 14, 1944. Even though, this was not the beginning of the Holocaust, we know that the first liberated camp was in Poland, July 1944, and in the following year the Western powers freed the occupied Europe ending the WWII and the exterminations.

During the liberation process, the secret was unearthed and the entire world learned the horrors of this War. Other mass killings occurred by vengeance in Europe. This period marked the start of a psychological shock at the same time of a very long healing process that has not yet concluded. The kind of psychological traumas discovered there still haunt many generations, and is the kind of issues associated with Scorpio: death, revenge, deranged passions, unnameable cruelty, the fight for survival, blood shed, taboos, sexual crimes, incomprehensible abuse, are all born from the deepest shadows of the human soul.

source: Facing History dot org

The above period started in 1991, resonates with the one back in 1912. The First Balkan War started just a month earlier to the November 5, 1912 Sun Mars conjunction. I haven't dug deeply enough into the details, but I guess that there are a lot of the same issues these peoples dealt with in the Second Balkan War.

"During the 1912–13 First Balkan War, Serbia and Montenegro committed a number of war crimes against the Albanian population after expelling Ottoman Empire forces from present-day Albania, Kosovo, and North Macedonia, which were reported by the European, American and Serbian opposition press. Most of the crimes occurred between October 1912 and the summer of 1913. The massacres of Albanians in the Balkan Wars were perpetrated on several occasions by the Serbian and Montenegrin armies and paramilitaries during the conflicts that occurred in the region between 1912 and 1913." 4

In summary, the coincidence of themes is undeniable. Obviously, as a corollary of the mass killings and by projection onto the opposite Sign of Taurus, issues related to the goods and property of the dead, financial matters, like bank accounts, investments, inheritances, all Scorpionic matters, are at play as well. Of course, with some exceptions, the winners usually take advantage of these gains. Some of the heirs of the abusers may still today be enjoying those benefits. 

November 18, 2023

Now, let's take a look at the chart of the soon upcoming Sun Mars conjunction. There is a tight trine to Neptune and a sextile to Pluto in conjunction with the Moon, forming a tight Small Trine with the Moon at the midpoint. 

It could be argued that the sextiles and trines are positive and 'benefic' aspects. However, I do not share this interpretation. The sextile is a Geminian aspect, that contributes communication as well as ambivalence, flexibility and change. It adds Air to the Fire, if you see what it means. The trine has the energy of harmony and ease of exchange of the energies associated with the planets. This can, in fact, facilitate the tragedy. In this case, the trine has a Sagittarius flavor (counting from the slowest to the fastest planets), also mutable and with more Fire. It adds the component of religious and cultural issues to the inflammation. 

Notice Ceres in conjunction with Sun and Mars. Ceres was present exactly conjoining Saturn and Pluto in January 2020. I'm still not sure about her contribution. I'm sure of one thing, she has been showing the face of Inanna in the Underworld, more than the face of the Goddess of Nurturance and Harvest. To recover her daughter, Persephone, Ceres had to descend into the darkness and horrors of the unconscious where she faced the fear of death. Let's also be reminded that "Ceres as the Goddess of death functions as the matrix which receives the dead for rebirth" She has also power of the "primordial mysteries of food transformation". And "Ceres' secret teaching is that death is the gateway to rebirth". 5

If it were the chart of an individual, it could be said that this person could use faith or a spiritual practice to deal with the struggle, or be dedicated to charity service. However, usually in the collective, this chart will show the darker manifestation, if not the darkest. 

Pluto conjunct the Moon at the midpoint acts as a powerful trigger and may either empower people or relate to the profound painful emotions of the public. The world will probably weep watching masses of people die (Moon Pluto) in the name of religion (Neptune in Pisces). Many could decide to immolate themselves for their faith, or groups of people could be immolated because of their faith. Very sadly, whatever the case, there could be uncountable victims. 

As it happens every time, the entire Humanity will feel the profound pain. We would have to face the darkest corners of our unconscious fears and taboos. May we rise in faith, in infinite love and compassion, and figuratively transmute the blood in milk like Mother Nature does to feed us, her children. May we stay neutral, observing the two faces of our own psyche playing out in the outside world. 

Sat Nam


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The World that is Coming - Pluto trine Uranus

The New Human

If Pluto in Aquarius were the only big feature of the years to come, the necessary work would only be half done. Yet, no, Pluto would be supported in very original ways by his ruler, the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus! They will work in concert like a happily married couple, with positive cooperation, mutual collaboration, smooth complementarity and understanding. 

Nice! Because together, they are bringing fresh air to the world. Don't misunderstand me though. The transmutations will not be without much fracture (Uranus) and demolition (Pluto) as usual. The fact that they will work in harmony (trine) doesn' t take away any of their usual symbolic performance. 

Since they are such slowly moving planets, similarly to their first quarter Square that perfected seven times between 2012 and 2015, the Trine will perfect five times as follows. 

July 18, 2026

November 29, 2026

June 15, 2027 @ 4:12:13 in exact Small Trine with Neptune 

January 13, 2028

May 9, 2028 

The insistence marks the intensity like a grinding rock on a flour mill. Similarly to the mill, these planets will destroy the old to create something new in a productive way. 

The Trine happens in Air Signs, which indicates powerful and radical transformations of the collective consciousness. This entails changes of the mind, ideas, intellect, society, relationships, communication, science and technology. Obviously, every aspect in society will progressively experience a renewal. Haven't you been thinking that if people would change their minds, the world would change? Yes, you got it, and this is it! Isn't it a wonderful perspective for the world to come?

Moreover, the cherry on top of this amazing 'cake' is the perfect Small Trine they form with Neptune at the apex. Richard Tarnas explains that last time these three Titans joined forces harmoniously in a longstanding conjunction was between the 590s and the 550s BCE! The closest conjunction happened within 2º orb between 577 and 576 BCE. 

"These decades constituted the very heart of the great Axial Age that brought forth the birth of many of the worlds principal religious and spiritual traditions. This was the Age of Buddha [...]; of Mahavira [...]; of Lao-Tzu [...]; followed a decade later by the birth of Confucius, Lao-Tzu's younger contemporary. This same epoch coincided  with the sudden wave of major prophets in ancient Israel - Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and the Second Isaiah. In Greece, the period of the triple conjunction exactly coincided with the birth of Greek philosophy itself, as the first Greek philosophers, Thales and Anaximander, flourished during these decades of the 580s through the 560s, and Pythagoras, towering figure in the history of both Western philosophy and science, was born."1 

A great awakening catapulted Humanity to a higher level of mental development, with great works in Literature, Creative and Performing Arts, and Politics. 

"On yet another front, these same decades brought the statesman-poet Solon's revolutionary legal and economic reforms in Athens that paved the way for the development of democracy, so characteristic of the Uranus-Pluto cycle's correlation with periods of radical change, liberal political reform, and an intensified impulse for social and cultural progress."2  

This human evolutionary jump coincided exactly with the only exact triple conjunction of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in the whole history of Humanity!  According to Tarnas research, 

"The great figures and events, ideas, movements, awakenings, and transformations of the collective consciousness that were brought forth during this prodigious epoch have pervaded the subsequent evolution of humankind." 3 

 The exact Small Trine between Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in 2027 is a rare and unique event, that will most probably bring back similar mental awakening impulses, especially considering that they take place in Air and Fire Signs. Let's remember that Humanity is now fully into the Jupiter Saturn conjunctions cycle in Air Signs, as well, for 200 years. The Chronocrators will be setting the pace in 20-year installments. Jupiter sets the growth, and Saturn organizes it, and gives it form. 


As it was during the Renaissance Period, the previous 200 years of the Chronocrators meetings in Air Signs, this New Era starting now is defined by the absolute transformation of the Collective Consciousness. The collective mind will raise its capacity to better understand reality and make sense of it. The intellectual and social paradigms will raise their level, through the discovery of a broader cosmic reality that will expand the mind in a scope never reached before. 

The ideological progress will be led by the ongoing discoveries in the Cosmos. As it happened during the Renaissance with the realization that the Earth moves (Galileo Galilei), and that the Sun is the center of the Solar System (Copernicus) with all the planets and Earth orbiting around it, new discoveries will certainly change our spiritual conceptions. As Richard Tarnas explains about the Copernican revolution, the "epiphany was at once intellectual and spiritual, psychological and cosmological, and all their research and thinking served the new vision [...]"4

Space observatories working in coordination around the world and last generation telescopes, like Hubble, Kepler and James Webb allow us now to dig deeper into space. The space exploration has accelerated in the last few years changing our perspective of the Earth place in the Uni?verse or Multi?verse. New understanding of the Cosmos, and our place in it will lead to a different perception of reality, to the review of religious beliefs (Neptune), philosophies, and ideologies (Uranus). Pluto stimulates our  investigation of the mind and psyche, the curiosity for mysteries and metaphysical studies. 


Pluto in Aquarius brings powerful transformations to society. However, with the smooth support of Uranus, Aquarius ruler, instead of a traumatic revolution, society experiences a progressive and innovative evolution based on ideological changes. Aquarius and its ruler Uranus are extremely impersonal, they operate at the abstract intellectual level. Then, the collective social reforms could take an experimental turn, using new scientific approach and innovations in networks. The ideology will most probably be led by an intellectual elite through mass communication, through media outlets of all kind, existent and new ones. People could be empowered or disempowered by the spread of knowledge and ideas, depending on the individuals' critical thinking skills. 

Since the missing leg of the Grand Trine is Libra, relationships and agreements may not play a great role except during the times the faster moving planets transit this Sign of Libra. For example, from August through October 2026, Mercury, Venus and the Sun will transit Libra. During the period between 2026 and 2028, the North Node of the Moon will be transiting Aquarius adding a boost to the Plutonic energy, increasing its power. 

Even though, Uranus and Pluto will cooperate with each other, it doesn't mean that they will lose their 'malefic' influence. Pluto shadow in Aquarius shows up in the excess of intellectual freedom. They could manifest as crazy scientific inventions. The unbridled freedom of expression without respect for the rights of others has already shown its dark face in violent responses. During the French Revolution those who rose to power perverted the ideals trying to exert extreme control over the population, and the movement ended up in the Reign of Terror.  

This way, Pluto may also represent repression in the flow of necessary information, by which the media only allows for the spread of ideas from official political sources. In this way, some sectors of society are empowered, whereas others are disempowered. The powers that be determine how we are allowed or not to interact socially, or what information we can access. Already evident in the use of social media, who regulate what you can and cannot say, this may take a greater proportion with Pluto in Aquarius. 

Healthcare Administration

The current Uranus Pluto cycle started in 1965-1966 in Virgo, associated with health, work organization, and problem solving. Since then, the healthcare administration accelerated its organization and automatization of health record keeping. Patients health information privacy is just an illusion given the numerous insurance staff members, clinical, and administrative staff that can access it without your expressed permission. By now, the Healthcare record keeping systems have reached monster proportions. And as long as people are not using their critical thinking skills, they will continue to fall victims of the system.

Now, after and due to the pandemic, the WHO has a plan to integrate all the associated countries' healthcare systems, project that aims at centralizing the healthcare administration. Of course, they say, this is to ensure 'your safety'. Typical of Pluto's influence, is the instillation of profound fear, the fear that runs your spine up and down and makes you crunch. Of course, with Pluto in Capricorn, people has had plenty of fear promoted from governmental institutions through official media. No wonder people are desperate for protection, hungry for surveillance, and strong-fist authorities or military intervention. They are ready to sacrifice all privacy and freedoms for the sake of safety. 


The unrestrained spread of negative and controversial sexual subjects in the name of freedom of expression, brings into question moral issues. Children are already exposed to inappropriate sexual information for which are not yet mature. Pluto in Aquarius may mean that sexuality could be increasingly a subject of study and manipulation by the health science. Pornography may spread to new levels, and become rampant online to the point of being unavoidable by those who do not like it or use it. Pedophelia and pornography networks will continue to shape, distort and pervert the concept of human sexuality. In the practical way, the normalization of this trend could contribute to lower reproduction rates and the decrease of the human population.  


Usually Pluto, and the slow moving planets for that matter, awakes the shadow side of the symbolism in the collective. With Pluto in Aquarius, trine Uranus in Gemini, the surveillance will probably continue through the Air Signs quality. Free and private communications may completely become a thing of the past. In the name of safety, surveillance could be generalized, and information may deliberately be programmed to brainwash the masses. The methods can be attractively innovative, and people may desperately run to buy new devices to keep up with the latest technology that supposedly gets them safe.  


This Neptune Uranus Pluto configuration correlates to the freedom and the power of the enlightened mind. Similar to the French Enlightenment movement at the end of the 1700s, there are already highly intelligent people who talk and broadcast lofty ideas. The human mind has developed a higher capacity for putting diverse ideas together and come up with innovative ones. Thanks to the AI, this capacity will further increase exponentially. Parallel to the progress achieved after the Gutenberg print that allowed a wider access to information, nowadays, the Internet has gathered all the thoughts of world in one pool, from which AI allows us to access any information we might need. Well, that, as long as the Internet regulators allow it. 

Nonetheless, this broader learning opportunity empowers researchers, scientists, technologists, educators, etc. and widens our cosmic consciousness. Unfortunately, the freedom of thought has never matched the freedom of speech. However, as I always say, the more you fight against something, the stronger you make it. 

These three planets in harmony help us understand that the more the freedoms have been repressed (Pluto in Capricorn), the stronger the need for liberation. This urge for liberation extends to politics and geo-political distribution of power. The stronger and more repressive the totalitarian regimes, the more rebellions will provoke. What you fight, you strengthen!

Liberation may not be achieved without much death and destruction. We will probably see the maximum level of society structural demolition when Pluto makes its final visit to Capricorn from September 2d to October 12, 2024. Be still. Looking at the heliocentric zodiac, during the Israel Palestine crisis, the Earth was transiting (Oct 7, 2023) conjunct Chiron in Aries! From the heliocentric perspective, during the Summer, the Earth was transiting Pluto in Capricorn, which coincided with numerous natural catastrophes. 

In the late 1700s and early 1800s, American colonies strove for liberation, and most of them declared their independence from their oppressive colonizing monarchies in Europe. Most probably, this time around, powerful movements of liberation will rise up around the world. Empires may fall, nations may reconfigure their alliances, and borders may radically shift if not disappear all together. There has already been talks about a global government; maybe some new form of government is experimented. Aquarius loves experimenting.

 On the dark side of excessive information availability and exchange, data falls in inexpert or malevolent hands and minds, who can use them to harm others. Anyone can become a hacker, anything could be hacked, copyrights may be a thing of the past, and many other unforeseen corollaries can occur. 

Let's hope for political and social transformations favoring the respect of freedom and basic rights of people and animals, like the right to live, occupy a space in peace, have housing, food, healthcare, education, work and enjoyment. 


 Let's also hope that a new educational system is developed, that focuses on practical empiric learning and the preparation for life in all its aspects. For example, in order to solve social problems, people need to be educated on how to parent their children, how to structure and manage a household. In order to avoid health problems, people need to learn early in life the basics of hygiene and healthy living that includes learning how to design a healthy diet, and to make beneficial choices. So far, food availability, and cultural customs define what one eats; in the future, a better education may help us understand that some of our traditions are unhealthy. 

There are many other aspects to the human life that will evolve with the collective consciousness shift. Many of us will not be here to see the development and transformations, just hope that our descendants can build this promising new world system and enjoy being alive a little better that us. Let hope grow!

Sat Nam.


1- Richard Tarnas, Cosmos & Psyche, Intimations of a New World View, Page 409

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Other sources consulted:

* Jessica Davidson, The Current Cycle of Uranus Pluto:

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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

USA Pluto Return - Closing Chapter

American people seem to be under a spell, they are either numb indifferent, very engaged in delusional theories, or addicted to substances. Generalizations are always bad, of course, the area of life where you experience bewilderment depends on your personal birth chart.

However, it seems that collectively, we are all in a state of heightened stupefaction that doesn’t allow us to see clearly. Incredulous, skeptical, or at least doubting everything, the state of confusion has come to such a climax that is paralyzing. 

This has been happening for several years now, right? If you would immediately say, ‘yes, precisely since around March/April 2020’, you are astrologically correct.

Astrology can explain this very easily. Transiting Neptune has been opposing the US natal Neptune since precisely March 2020. We are unable to discern if we are deceiving ourselves or are deceived by others or both, logical discrimination must have gone on vacation, and even worse, many are caught unaware of it. I have explained and predicted this phenomenon in my US Pluto return YouTube video series.

Since Neptune orbit takes approximately 165 years around the Sun, I’d like to refer you to history the last time Neptune was around the 22º of Pisces. It was between 1856 and 1858. In the US there was a time of crisis and panic. 
“A financial panic in the fall of 1857 brought on what turned out to be a short-lived but intense depression. Causes of the panic stemmed partly from the international economy and partly from domestic overexpansion…This speculative house of cards came crashing down in September 1857. The failure of one banking house sent a wave of panic through the financial community. Banks suspended specie payments, businesses failed, railroads went bankrupt, construction halted, factories shut down. Hundreds of thousands of workers were laid off, and others went on part-time schedules or took wage cuts, just as the cold winter months were arriving.”1


“3 B. Douglass & Co. pointed out that the panic had occurred during a prosperous harvest and
attributed the "financial revulsion" to "terror inspired by a trifling cause or misapprehension of danger." The Banking Superintendent of New York, James Cook, described the panic as "without apparent reason derived from past experience." Some facts were consistent with the view that the crisis was an unnecessary product of mismanagement or fear.”2

Another theme those years was the fight of the South to keep slavery in place, which as we all know, was a precursor of the Civil War, since they wanted to secede from the Union. Observing Texas politics in 2023, among the sentiment in other southern states, there seems to be a separatist tendency, even openly declared by the Republican Party Conference meeting in Houston not long ago. Coincidentally here is what was going on between 1856 and 1858 while transiting Neptune was opposing US natal Neptune. 

"March 4, 1857 - James Buchanan is sworn into office as the 15th President of the United States. His tenure as President would be marred by the question of slavery and a compromise stance that would neither alleviate nor eradicate the intractable question from American society."
"March 6, 1857 - The United States Supreme Court rules in the Dred Scott decision, 6-3, that a slave did not become free when transported into a free state. It also ruled that slavery could not be banned by the U.S. Congress in a territory, and that blacks were not eligible to be awarded."
"June 23, 1858 - With strife between pro-slavery and anti-slavery partisans escalating to dramatic chaos, the 2nd Infantry and 3rd Artillery regiments under the command of Captain Nathanial Lyon attempt to restore order during the "Bleeding Kansas" campaign."3

The Secession sentiment was brewing in the southern spirit. Their economy was buttressed by slavery, and they wouldn't risk to be deprived of it. As history tells, they were determined to fight for it, and they did. 
Doesn't this ring a bell today? Coincidentally, in case you forgot, George Floyd was murdered May 25, 2020 and everybody knows the corollary.

Still, a louder bell may ring when you read this. 
“Historians such as James Huston have revealed additional causes of the panic. In his 1988 book The Panic of the 1857 and the Coming of the Civil War, Huston argued that the crisis was not only caused by the failure of Ohio Life, it was also a consequence of the ending of the Crimean War in 1856.”
“Between 1854 and 1856, the Crimean War interrupted Russian grain exports to Europe and increased the demand for wheat from the American West. This increase in demand, in turn, increased wheat prices and facilitated the inflow of migration to the West. While this was not the sole cause of land speculation in the American West, the demand for American grain (along with the California gold rush) played an important part.”4

And the history themes resonate crystal clear. The Russians are now against Ukraine, for the same reason they were in Crimea before, with similar consequences for the distribution of grains, which in turn affects now the whole world economy, not only the US,

The events may be different, but the subjacent sentiments and issues are the same. The controversy regarding maintenance of the economy, financial matters, the country solvency, resources and assets, production of goods threatens the Union. In a similar plane, the two political parties still differ about similar issues. And the polarization is now at a tipping point where the intransigence could throw the nation into chaos or another civil war. 

Not by chance does this economic turmoil coincide with the last Pluto return in two years. This time is an almost conjunction. Pluto Retrograde is presently approaching the 27º♑️54' where will station direct on October 10, 2023. The US natal Pluto is at 27º♑️33', just 21' away, but the conjunction is still operative as demonstrated by the underway developments in Congress dealing with the budget (second house of the natal chart) and a government shutdown threat. Pluto station at that degree will last from Septembre 21 till October 31 like a drill, intensifying the energetic and symbolic influence.

Furthermore, hopefully you have realized that these economic and financial matters are intrinsically tied to the country's values (second house of the zodiac). For those, we need to refer to a chart with Sagittarius ascendant, a preachy warrior riding towards the unreachable horizon, telling everyone on the way how to behave and what to do. The dark side of Sagittarius is 'do as I say, not as I do', but in the long run, of course, this philosophy backfires. 

The country's values are founded on the extreme power of its institutions, and resources. Pluto in the second house gives extreme financial power based on the structures of the country, but at the same time, the Pluto kind of power comes, as you know, from his underground Kingdom. Pluto doesn't spare cruelty and violence in his influence, nor is he fond of the middle way, on the contrary, always goes to extremes, extreme cold, extreme hot. Pluto in the second house may incline the chart owner to obtain resources and energy sources by unclear methods and hidden manipulations. Pluto in Capricorn indicates the grip of institutional dominance over others, like in the case of slavery. Capricorn second house defines the values of a pyramidal system where there is an elite that commands with iron fist those under their command, which explains its militarized or otherwise aggressive expansive power (♑️Pluto) over the world (♐️Asc). 

By showing the crude reality openly, Pluto return has brought into question all those values, as obsolete, as we have seen in the news since 2020. Pluto has brought out in the open the extreme exertion of power over the people, especially over certain sectors of society, and even over other peoples in the world. Not only that, but thanks to modern media it has been easier to divulge institutional and political corruption, the shortcomings of the public administration be it of resources or finances. All the shadow manifestations of human behavior are exposed for everyone to see, thanks to modern media. 

October 10, 2023

Should the US continue supporting wars, sending support money to this and that country where corruption is still rampant? Should the US continue increasing its sidereal debt that five or ten generations down the road will keep paying? Should the US continue its interventionist international policy or start taking care of domestic business first? Is the US an authentic union? Why black people and other sectors of the population continue to suffer de facto discrimination? 

What are the real values of this country? 

That is what is at stake at the moment, not just a budget debate. As a Venusian area, the second house of the zodiac attracts what one desires. 

What are the actual desires of the people in this country?

What does the people want to attract?

Neptune will leave the orb zone of 25º by the end of this year, having done his ‘job’. The results (read consequences) will certainly be felt eventually in 2024 and beyond. Pluto will leave the 27º♑️ on November 1st, not to return for another 248 years, marking the start of his new cycle. 2024 and onwards will show the outcomes of his work. 

What do you think needs to change? 
What do you think will actually change? 
What will be the price to pay for the change?


1- John M. Murrin, et al., eds., Liberty Equality Power: A History of the American People, 2nd ed., vol.      1 (Fort Worth: Harcourt Brace, 1999), 488. 

2- Quoted in The Panic of 1857: Origins, Transmission, and Containment by Charles W. Calomiris and       Larry Schweikart.  



Friday, June 23, 2023

The World That is Coming - Saturn & Uranus

The Mutilation of Uranus by Saturn, Oil on panel by Giorgio Vasari, 16th century.
Palazzo Vecchio, Florence

The World We've Lived in, since 1988

 The Saturn Uranus have been legendary enemies because Uranus challenges the traditions, the rules and the rigidity of Saturn structures. Uranus offers new ways of doing things. Their conjunction is an opportunity to combine both types of energies. It happens every 44 to 46 years and, for the collective, it gives the modus operandi of the corporative business and how corporations implement industrial science to produce goods. They give a functional structure to the industrial innovation in all aspects of the economy.

Since 1988 when Saturn and Uranus joined in Sagittarius, the innovative business structures started to aim far and wide around the world. The ambition has been to expand the economy by reaching, establishing and developing foreign markets. Countries have gone thousands of miles away to find resources to feed their industries and their population. Industries have moved to foreign shores and settled in far away lands looking to lower costs of production. The economy has become global, with global markets, and a global currency. It's not surprising that the One World Power was a nation with Sagittarius rising, that has a history of unstoppable expansion. However, in order to sustain this system there has been a need for global transportation, which, in turn, needs a global exchange of energy resources. 

A great disregard for natural physical laws has created dangerous unforeseen consequences, because business has not planned its growth considering the factor of a finite Earth. Moreover, this unbridled progress has destabilized the perfect harmony in the Earth's ecology, disrupting Nature's equilibrium. The globalization has been based on an illogical, whimsical belief (Uranus in Sagittarius) that economic growth should be exponential and constant, ignoring that resources are limited. The natural physical laws need to be obeyed to maintain equilibrium, and that everything produced is later discarded and needs to find a way to go back to Earth without destroying it. Our behavior has been like eating and pooping at the same dining table. 

Saturn and Uranus Sagittarian relationship is now at the closing stage. During the last couple of years, the cycle was at the waning square (270º). This Crisis in Consciousness point means that the development of their work together has already peaked (180º or Full Moon position) by reaching the maximum potential of the so called 'globalization'. Now it's harvest time. The period when the results are obvious and speak loud about the excesses to which the Jupiter ruled Sagittarius have taken all the issues related to ambitious corporative business (Saturn) and industrial scientific innovation (Uranus). 

Humanity is now integrating all positive and negative consequences. For example, for the developed countries, it has been a cycle by which life has become easier for certain sectors of society which have increase their financial solvency, whereas for the underdeveloped countries and lower strata of society, it has meant more poverty, drain and exhaustion of resources, and a great decrease in the quality of life. Overall, the rich have become richer and the poor, poorer. 

For the Earth, not only does it mean the exploitation and exhaustion of raw materials, but the irreversible destruction of ecological systems to the point of causing the extinction of thousands of vegetable and animal species, and the pollution of the environment. These are only just a couple of examples of the devastating consequences of expanding (Sagittarius), exploring, and reaching out too far. This ruthless drive is explained by the Jupiter placement in Aries in the chart of the 1988 conjunction. As a Jupiter ruled sign, Sagittarius under this Martian conquering influence has a tendency to aggressive excesses, with disregard for consequences. 

For Saturn and Uranus cycle of Sagittarius, the horizon was always elusive, and their gallop never fast enough. Consumers have grown accustomed to not being able to live without the latest trendy gadgets, and have forgotten the survival skills necessary when resources are scarce. It's interesting to remember that their conjunction happened at the anaretic degree 29º♐️52' in the Sun decan square to the Nodes of the Moon. The eagerness to explore science and technology without constraint, to mass produce its achievements, and to expand markets to a global scale has perfectly reflected the collective trend and destiny during this period, indicated by a boundless North Node in Pisces, in Scorpio decan.

At the closing of the cycle, the entire Human Kind is now realizing that such excessive expansion has brought upon us challenges never seen before. Climate disturbance, extinction of innumerables species, massive pollution, out of control illnesses, to name just a few. The globalization excesses have put some nations at the expense of other nations that have demonstrated not to be as friendly as expected. In fact, international relations have become so enmeshed with complicated and less than honest exchanges that certain countries are now victims of the same network in which they have participated to obtain economic benefits. For example, during the covid19 pandemic, certain countries didn't have essential medical equipment and medicines such as masks, and basic analgesics, just due to the fact that they had been manufactured in a very far away place. Man power and transportation were not available.

It was exactly during these years that Saturn formed the 270º square to Uranus, or the closing square in the cycle. This square was repeated four times over a two year period, when people had the opportunity to realize that things-as-usual were not working properly any more. The upcoming sextile in 2025 and 2026 will help us make a transition to a new kind of world order. 

The World That is Coming

As Saturn approaches a new conjunction with Uranus, we are moving to a new kind of world. They will conjoin again in 2032 in the Sign of Gemini 28º, exactly opposite to the 1988 conjunction in Sagittarius. It's not difficult to imagine, their cycle will be exactly the opposite. The trend goes from global to local, and from one world power to a competitive bilateral one.

Ruled by Mercury, Gemini is a dual Sign, that's why is the first social Sign, where one start relating and making deals with others and the environment. For example, it's the age of the toddler who starts to name things around him or her and learns to relate with people close by, namely siblings. It's then, the sign of business par excellence, more specifically self-made business, nowadays mainly internet based. 

Mercury, the Lord of this Saturn Uranus conjunction in Gemini, is in Leo and square North Node in Scorpio, South Node in Taurus. Notice that Pluto in Aquarius also squares the Nodes. This signals a collective mind that expresses its authority. Youth will probably play an important authority role during this period, by demonstrating that they know how to do things. 

Gemini is the Sign where we learn skills, so it rules trades, or manual work business, especially local ones. Global trade and world economy will be done with, in favor of the local economy. People will create resources, goods, products locally and gather together with neighbors to create community vegetable gardens or local cooperatives, in order to satisfy the needs of the small town or neighborhood. Local industries will be created. 

Due to a greater development of communication and transportation technologies, the new jobs in those areas will call for learning new technical skills for manual work.  Entry level positions and apprenticeships will be created, for robotics for example. Some people will do more than one job, using different abilities in order to make ends meet. Most new jobs will require teamwork, and small business will be created by small groups of people pooling their resources together. The new trend for small businesses will be the cooperative system where each member participate in the investment and in the profit. 

Instead of wanting to explore far and wide, people will seek the exploration of the immediate reality.  Unfortunately, airplane and airline companies going to far away places will decrease their activity notably, and many of them will disappear. Very few people will go on Cruise Ship vacations to foreign countries, which will also hurt that line of business. Instead of going to conquer the world, people will be more interested in caring for the immediate environment.  As people work closer to their place of living, they will want to keep their own neighborhoods clean, neat and tidy. You will build closer relationships with your neighbors and town people.

Say goodbye to imported goods and produce, export will go down as well. International commerce will lose its attraction because the cost of transportation will be so high that it will be impossible to continue. On the other hand everything produced locally will have better prices. This will promote the needed employment for all, especially for young people.

People will stop focusing on the big world picture, instead they will be 'nearsighted'. International travel, adventures and tourism have already gone down, and will stay that way during this Saturn Uranus period. Say goodbye to imported vehicles, and individual cars. Say hello to collective public transportation. Instead of you driving your own bubble to work, you will be using the bus, a small motorcycle, your bike, and even walk to work. Electrical flying vehicles will see their day.

With Neptune in Pisces, mass migrations will end up mixing cultures of all kind. At the time of the Saturn Uranus conjunction, Neptune in Aries is dissolving the idea of ethnic identity.You will look for new experiences closer to home, mainly learning new skills, like foreign languages in order to communicate with peoples of other cultures.  

Uranus innovate Saturn structures at all levels. Governmental civil works will focus on repairing and building bridges (Gemini) and other city infrastructure will be upgraded. 

In the area of education, a restructuring can be expected to introduce modern methods and contents. Because trades will become more important, people will be more interested in learning to make things with their hands than learning philosophy or doing higher studies. Young workers will work with data and information gathering. Some will recover their interest in knitting, pottery, gardening, sewing, embroidery, making clothes at home, home cooking, wood work, writing, speaking, teaching, broadcasting, etc. 

Higher knowledge will fall into disfavor because of the need for practical knowledge and manual skills, arts, crafts and abilities that allow people to work with the new technology inventions. People will not be so much interested in attending Universities, institutions of higher education and organized religions, unless they offer trade training, like robotics, cybernetics, AC technician,  IT specialist, electrician, etc. Primary education should incorporate more computerized activities and learning methods. Already from Elementary School, children will start learning how to work with and develop technological devices, like robots.  

Ideologies, philosophies will have to become popularized by coming down to the common folk, in an accessible vocabulary that everybody can understand, especially if the ideas are useful and practical. Theoretical thinking will be useful only for first hand experimental research. Surviving religious ideas and morals will be those applicable to the day to day civil interactions.

Independence and the expansion of your vision towards the world will be replaced by interconnection and interdependence. People will learn the art of harmonious teamwork, by depending on each other to achieve their practical projects. This way, a higher level of civilization will be developed, because people learn to share our time and abilities for the benefit of the group.

Even though information has been available to all, and anybody can share their ideas through the Internet and reach a large audience, only useful practical information will be appreciated. Original thought will be favored. The most favored professions will be those of mentors, craftsman teachers, communicators of all kinds, broadcasters, journalists, merchants, electronic technicians, online elementary educators, translators, interpreters, commerce agents, stand up comedians, traders, apprentices, dealers, technicians.

There will be a great transition towards increase and very active local social life. People will revive their social activity, but not by wandering around the world, rather making contacts and meeting friends nearby or through the Internet. At the same time new internet structures will improve or replace the old social media, emails, messaging, and phone calls. People will want to learn, know, read, write, and keep in touch in different ways. The local information sources will be more sought of and valued than the ones coming from the media corporations. It can already be seen that people do not rely or trust on mass media news, because already they understand how reality is manipulated and twisted by them to serve those who are in power. 

What other Gemini structures could be upgraded? What innovations do you imagine for your neighborhood, elementary schooling, and other Gemini themes? Comment below!


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