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The YOD - Neptune Pluto Sextile

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    Neptune and Pluto have been in sextile for several decades now (1950-2032). I have been observing that the yods formed with the base of Neptune sextile Pluto are very challenging and often extremely unpleasant. Especially difficult when there is a transit to the opposite point of the apex. In this case, people, situations and events seem fated in the person's life.

    A man with the Moon on the apex in the 7th house, Neptune in the 2d and Pluto in the 12th boasted of having ‘had’ thousands of women. His mother had abandoned him early in childhood, and growing in the streets he suffered all kinds of abuse. He even acknowledged living in a brothel to save in housing, and seducing older women -among others- for their money. Since the Moon is in Pisces, he is also a heavy drinker/alcoholic.

     A child with Mercury on the apex in the 1st house, Neptune in the 9th and Pluto in the 6th has significant speech impairments, is unable to articulate words much less phrases at an age when most children speak in complete though short sentences. He seems to have difficulty grasping the bigger context and focuses on the immediate. He is not less smart though, even clever and astute at times. He knows how to do tricks in order to obtain what he wants. He is extremely compassionate and seems to be emotional intelligent for exchange.

     A woman with Eris in Aries on the apex in the 8th, Neptune in the 3d and Pluto in the 1st (remake of identity) doesn’t seem to be able to grasp her identity. Rejected by her father, abandoned by her mother, she ended up with the first name of the paternal grandmother and the last name of another man. Her birth was registered a different year, date and time. Her birth certificate was forged so she could go to school at the proper biological age. When she got her passport, the office clerk made a mistake using a different number and she ended up inadvertently impersonating some other woman. For years, she travelled abroad with it unknowingly. She also uses a different business name for her work.

According to Astrology King, “there are 49 geocentric aspects from 1950 to 2032 that occur in 3 separate time-frames as shown below:
15 from 1950 to 1956
21 from 1976 to 1986
13 from 2026 to 2032
Over this 82-year period, Neptune sextile Pluto moves through nearly half of the zodiac:
Neptune from 17 Libra to 14 Aries
Pluto from 17 Leo to 14 Aquarius”

I use very narrow orbs for the yod, but in some cases, a 2 or 3 degree orb is enough. If you have this kind of yod, I’d be interested in hearing your story.

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Saturday, June 11, 2022

Mars Chiron Conjunction in Aries - The Wounded Me

 The Wounded Me

Pablo Picasso, Toile, 1951

"I am who I am"

    Chiron in Aries represents 'a profound loss or lack of self-worth' (Martin Lass), the internalization of a deep sense of unworthiness and the perception of being rejected, or abandoned in the world. There are core feelings of not having the right to exist, to occupy the body, or disowning the personal material reality of the self. As a consequence, Chiron in Aries looks for his or her self identity. (Read the Myth of Chiron)
    The Mars Chiron conjunction in Aries is doubly significant given the fact that Mars is the ruler of the Sign, thus rules over Chiron's archetype in that Sign. The conjunction aspect is one of joining forces, the initiatory energy of Mars and the hypersensitivity of Chiron. The conjunction is also intensified by the fact that happens at 15º, the central one of the Sign of Aries, where the deepest integration of the Arian energies and processes occur. The 15º symbolizes the key signification of the Sign, and further emphasizes the search of identity because it occupies the Leo decan. 

    Mars exacerbates the vulnerability of Chiron archetype. In the collective, events and situations may threaten our very existence. Either, natural catastrophes, the cloud of sickness and hunger, or the threat of war can put the very existence of human beings in danger. Because the actions of human beings have disturbed the natural ecological balance of our planet, the fury of the elements fall upon all forms of life. 
    Mars is associated with fire, fevers, illness, pests, violence and war. Since the Mars opposition to Chiron on October 8th, 2019, fires have ravaged huge extensions of land. Then, on October 1, 2021 the opposition saw the volcano eruption in Cumbre Vieja, La Palma of Canary Islands, and fires in Greece among other places as well as cyclones in Middle East  and devastating flooding in China. The previous conjunction happened on July 14, 2020 when multiple fires were burning as well. By then, the Atlantic Hurricane Storm season had exhausted the 21-name list. 

    In our personal lives, Mars can manifest in two ways. The conjunction can generate enough impulse to take action regarding the 'wounding' issue we suffer in the house of Aries, or can trigger a violent reaction against it. The lower vibration may create impulsive situations of anger or aggression, while becoming the trigger we need in order to understand the true dimension of our human fragility, vulnerability. One could also escape the suffering by projecting it onto an-other and trying to heal the 'other', or teach the other alternative methods of healing. 

Alice Wellinger, Painter, Finding Your Identity

    If one escapes the pain of the soul though, it often appears in the physical body as a sudden accident, a physical ailment or inflammation, usually caused by a surge of uncontrollable energy looking for an issue. The pain may become so extreme that the temptation to run away from it could be strong. However this extra energy could be useful in the healing if channeled appropriately. You are challenged to assume your vulnerability, to realize that you are not omnipotent, that not being in control is part of our nature, and that finding out who you are is the work of a lifetime.  If you are to survive, you may need to accept and respect your personal fragility, and recognize that is up to you to protect it and define your Self in spite of the imperfections, failures, and even deformities. 

    In which way your sense of vulnerability and of unworthiness sabotage your own identity, existence, and ultimately your own life? The motto of this aspect is 'my life matters'. The question Chiron ask to Mars is 'can I do it?' Mars responds, 'You can do it now!'

Sat Nam.

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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Mercury on Fixed Star Algol

     Gemini New Moon Ruler Joins Algol

    The upcoming Gemini New Moon has its ruler, Mercury conjoin Algol. We have already seen the terrifying manifestation, when an adolescent lost his mind and committed a horrific massacre. Coinciding with his birthday was the Lunar Eclipse with the Sun almost conjunct Algol, which was perfected on May 16, 2022. This reminds us of the potent effect, for good or bad, of having an eclipse join natal Sun, the day of the individual birthday. In my practice, I've seen time and again, how drastic life changes come to effect in those instances, like divorce, sudden moves, health changes, career changes, marriage, births, etc. Even though the influence doesn't need to be horrendous as this one, it always comes with a challenging change of direction and a fated flavor of something that is inevitable.

Quoting from Astrology King Fixed Stars webpage,

"Fixed star Algol, Beta Persei, is a 2.1 magnitude, rare triple star and eclipsing binary, located in the Medusa’s Head, carried in the left hand of the Hero, Perseus Constellation. The name Algol comes from the Arabic word رئيس الغول, meaning Head of the Ogre. The English translation became Demon Star, with other names being Satan’s Head, the Spectre’s Head. In Chinese, it belongs to s group of stars called the Mausoleum. Algol it appears to blink as shown in the animation below. Every 69 hours, its magnitude dips for about 10 hours before returning to full brightness again."

"In astrology, Algol is one of the most unfortunate stars. Ptolemy referred to it as “the Gorgon of Perseus” and associated it with death by decapitation: mirroring the myth of the hero Perseus’ victory over the snake-headed Gorgon Medusa. Historically, it has received a strong association with violence across a wide variety of cultures. Medieval Arabic commanders tried to ensure that no important battle began whilst the light of Algol was weak. It may be connected to the periodic lucky prognosis in an ancient Egyptian calendar for lucky and unlucky days composed about 3200 years ago. The 17th-century English astrologer William Lilly regarded any planet to be afflicted when within five degrees of conjunction."

"Astrologers, of course, said that it was the most unfortunate, violent, and dangerous star in the heavens, and it certainly has been one of the best observed, as the most noteworthy variable in the northern sky."

"Algol represents the head of the Gorgon Medusa who was slain by Perseus. Medusa, who was the only mortal one of the three Gorgon sisters, was originally a beautiful maiden, but her hair was changed into hissing serpents by Minerva in consequence of her having become by Neptune the mother of Chrysaor and Pegasus in one of Minerva’s temples. This gave her so fearful an appearance that everyone who looked at her was changed into stone.Fixed star Algol is of the nature of Saturn and Jupiter (dignified, pious, conservative, acquisitive, retentive.) It causes misfortune, violence, decapitation, hanging, electrocution and mob violence, and gives a dogged and violent nature that causes death to the native or others. It is the most evil star in the heavens." Astrology King Algol Fixed Star

    Be advised that even a totally normal person can have a switch of mental disposition with the influence of this energy during the entire Gemini Moon cycle. Those people ruled by Mercury, depending on its placement, dignity and aspects in your chart, should keep high awareness of their mental changes and seek help when needed, to avoid a mental crisis. If you or someone you know has been under mental health treatment, my suggestion is to keep close to the health care provider for support and counseling during the whole month and especially around the Sagittarius Full Moon (remember that Sagittarius ruler, Jupiter is in Aries with Mars!, not a very auspicious combination when it comes to violent reactions).

Blessings, Sat Nam!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Hygiea in Scorpio and Important Aspects 2022

Hygiea, Statue in the National Museum of Athens

August 28, 2022

Hygeia conjunct South Node of the Moon

    Discovered in 1849, Hygiea is the fourth biggest Asteroid in the Solar System and has an orbit of 2033 days or 5.5 years around the Sun.  Because of the gravitational pull of nearby planets Jupiter and Saturn, astronomers calculate that Hygeia’s orbit is variable over time. The symbolism of this may mean that the structures of healthcare and hygiene may depend on the cultural ideologies, cosmology or philosophy of the people, and their practices, and be contingent to what is available in the native environment. 

    In Astrology, she is the Asteroid of Wellness, Hygiene and Disease Prevention. According to its placement in your  natal chart, may inform you as to how to apply the preventive measures to your personal life. When I discovered that she is exactly on my North Node in Virgo, I understood why I've always been concerned about such matters as diet, nutrition, exercise, and I have studied so much about health since very young age. If you are a preventive healthcare professional or a dental hygienist, a nutritionist, a dietitian, a fitness coach, a holistic healer, Hygiea might definitely have a prominent placement in your chart. 

    Since the pandemic outbreak everyone has develop new ways to address health issues. Hopefully, people have better valued self-care routines, nutrition improvement, better lifestyle choices and more respect to the resting time, in order to protect and strengthen the immune system. 

    Equally important is to attend to your mental health, and keep an eye on all those things that make you more anxious or give you unnecessary stress. Thich Nhat Hanh used to say that we should watch all intake, not only food, but also the news we hear or watch, the books we read, the words we receive and say. In fact everything has a vibration with the potential to affect our energy field. Astrologers specialized in the health, have also focused more closely on discovering parallels between wellness and health hygiene practices and the placement of asteroid Hygeia in the natal chart. 

    In Greek and Roman mythology, Hygiea is the Goddess of Hygiene and Health prevention. She was one of Asclepius' daughters, the God of Medicine, Her symbol and glyph is a single snake wrapping around a cup. Her symbol is still emblematic as it is used in pharmacies, ambulances, and hospitals. She was one of five sisters representing different aspects of health and healing. Hygeia’s specialty was preventative medicine. This includes lifestyle choices and practices to care not only for the physical body but also for the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of life in order to keep good health, and avoid dis-ease. Washing hands, taking showers, avoiding contaminated food, drinking plenty of pure water, exercising are as important as living a harmonious life with the members of the family, having a balanced day between work and rest, and practicing some kind of relaxation or spiritual ritual.

September 6, 2022
Opposite Uranus in Taurus Square Saturn

    I invite you to share any situation or event associated with the transit of Hygiea in Scorpio in general, be it in individual life or in the environment. As Astrologers of the Health, we are still learning about her influence. Keep an eye especially when she joins the South Node of the Moon on August 28, 2022, or when she opposes Uranus on September 6. However, she may be triggered at any time since she is already in orb for those aspects. I'd appreciate if you make comments below and contribute to our knowledge. Thank you in advance. 

Sat Nam.

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Saturday, May 21, 2022

The Rise of Power & Increase of Control

The Chart of Saturn Pluto 
Conjunction in Capricorn 
January 12, 2020

    If you follow my blog, you probably read that already in July 2019 I was forecasting that "Something we haven't seen in our lifetimes is gestating during 2019. The gestation culminates in January 2020 with a metamorphosis that will completely change the world we live in forever. There is nothing trivial about it. We are not able to elude, avoid, evade, or escape this 'atomic' force (Pluto) upon us. Everyone will be affected one way or another, depending on the place this conjunction falls in one's own chart, what natal planets it challenges (specifically with hard aspects). The effects of it are the experience of our human evolution as a collective entity."(1)

    And as expected, Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn delivered! They started a new 700 period  of power plays (their next conjunction in Capricorn in 2754). The agents of society power and control are challenged, restructured, reorganized, redistributed at a massive level. The establishment is shaken to the core, and while certain power structures fall others rise. One empire collapses, another rises

    All around the world authoritarian regimes are popping up like mushrooms, be it from the right or the left, they have the common denominator of control over the masses. Also radical conservative principles want to force humanity progress backwards. Authorities have figured out that the best way to achieve their goals of gripping to power and control is to create a favorable environment for people to feel insecure, become increasingly ignorant, and fall victims of addictions. Of course, what better use of Neptune in Pisces. Moreover, the Jupiter Neptune boosts confusion, chaos, disillusionment, and insecurity. 

    I'd like to go back to the chart of January 12, 2020 at 18 UT, from the Greenwich UK location which is the 0º longitude meridian, representing the whole Earth and the entire Humanity. 


    The first thing that jumps out is the chart funnel configuration with its focus on the Moon in Leo. From the start, Leo and the funnel put the Moon center stage. And in Mundane astrology, the Moon represents the people, the public, and the general public opinion and disposition. People want to be seen, heard as protagonists, they want to rule and command. A Leo Moon is a Queen Moon.  This Moon, moving away from the Lunar Eclipse in Cancer that occured on January 10 (watch my video), carries its symbolic meaning with her, of the need for safety, nourishment, protection, and the need to defend the homeland. 

    Furthermore, this Moon is the apex of a Yod with Sun and Neptune in sextile at the base. If one wants a more exact aspect, consider Neptune exactly sextile the midpoint between Jupiter and Saturn/Pluto. 
This leaves an open door of opportunity for the authority figures (Sun) to become more compassionate, intuitive and creative when dealing with the demands of people (Moon in Leo). However, and unfortunately, there is also the possibility of authority figures using deception and all kinds of subterfuges to undermine the social stability. 

    In this Yod, the Moon makes 150 (Virgo energy) degrees angle from Neptune, which talks about emotional ambivalence. The ambiguity of this imbalance challenges clear communication. People yearn for approval of their demands believing that dreams can be achieved. However, the effect is entirely the opposite and people fall victim of their actions in that regard (i.e. Russian protesters imprisoned, Afghan women forced to wear the burqa, in US women losing the right to abortion). 

    The Moon makes also a 210 (Scorpio energy) degree angle from the Sun or more precisely, from the above mentioned midpoint. The scorpionic aspect is nothing trivial, it makes relationship between authorities (Sun) and the public (Moon), or the male and female archetypes, extremely tense, and highly intolerant. There is a need to take people's suffering into account. However, the authorities and powers that be are only focused on incrementing their power and control by all means, regardless of the consequences on the masses. 

    There is definitely an urgency to make adjustments between those holding the power and people's needs. The gap between them has reached dangerous levels of inequality and injustice, and people are now at the end of the rope.  Given that all energy forces in Nature tend to balance themselves, the heavier the pressure, the more tragic and possibly extreme, the reactions. 

    Additionally, the Moon, the gentle and nurturing feminine power is at the Rising angular placement and the Sun is setting way below the horizon, which symbolically speaks volumes.

    Mars in Sagittarius leads the funnel. which indicates increasing actions and possible aggression in the name of ideologies, religious or cultural beliefs at a global level.  

    The chart is highly Cardinal (7) Earth (8), which reflects the profound changes of Humanity's physical reality experienced since that date. Those changes are social, institutional, geopolitical, and continue manifesting themselves dramatically in Nature. From the magma to the water, on the Earth surface as well as in the atmosphere and underground, our planet Earth is ill and suffering. From those who detonate bombs to those who throw their trash to the water currents, I ask, haven't you ever considered how privileged you are to step on the surface of this jewel of a planet, unique in its nature among millions of other cosmic bodies? Unique! Unique in so many ways. I bow with reverence to this Earth, she is our Mother. 

    In addition, Ceres should be given its significance as part of the stellium with Saturn, Pluto, the Sun and Mercury. According with latest research by renowned Astrologer, Maurice Fernandez, Ceres has been prominent with the Sun and the Nodal Axis in significant political developments (2). Goddess of Agriculture and the Bounty and resilience of the Earth, she represents the need to take responsibility for the food production in order to avoid famine. She reminds us that the economy is at the very foundation of political evolution and even revolutions. In Capricorn, she is only comfortable once she achieves the goals through hard work. Her addition to the Capricorn party can lead to great efforts of encouragement to focus on organizing and controlling agriculture, even by manipulation of information and strict management (Pluto/Saturn) of resources. For this, there is plenty of evidence of how the belligerent authoritarianism has triggered a food crisis so severe that in some countries, people literally are dying of hunger.(3) Thus, this critical point calls for a reorganization and redistribution of economic resources. 
    The stellium square to Eris in Aries has to be recognized as the major challenge that the powers that be are and will face. She will not keep silent, nor will she be silenced. Representing those who are left out of the God's banquet, she creates havoc and chaos, she bravely takes people to the streets to protest and is there to undermine rules and order until she is heard. 

    If the intense Capricorn energy strengthens its dominance, it will not be without disputes and confrontations in the next twenty years to come. Struggles and conflicts can be expected for the next 32 years until Saturn and Pluto meet again in Pisces in 2054. Many of us will not be here to see it, but it's probably then when the system as we have known it until now will finally collapse for good. Pluto in Aquarius for 40 years will certainly contribute to the rebellions that will completely transform collective society like it did at the end of the eighteenth century (in sync with Uranus) through the revolutionary independentist movements. 

    Finally, an important factor is that the stellium is in the presence of the South Node of the Moon with all the eclipses of the season happening in the Cancer Capricorn axis. Not only that, but the quadruple conjunction meets the planetary South Nodes of Saturn and Pluto, tapping back onto their karmic past of political power and control excesses, to understand the danger of dwelling in them. The Nodes symbolize a subtle energy behind the scenes that is experienced at the unconscious level, and is not obvious until action is taken.
    This is the Chart of our Times. Understand it and choose to use the most favorable energies through your actions. May your individual contribution help the collective to move forward to a healthier Life, a healthier Earth, a healthier Society. Sat Nam.

(1) The Saturn Pluto Conjunction series in my Blog
1- Saturn Pluto Conjunction, Historical Antecedents
2- Part I, Rulership
3- Part II, Rulers of First & Second Houses

(2) The Great Cycle of Uranus and Neptune, by Maurice Fernandez.

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